Analyst: Ethereum Likely to Target $555 as Bulls Shatter Key Level

Analyst: Ethereum Likely to Target $555 as Bulls Shatter Key Level

Ethereum has rocketed past $500, with its ongoing upswing coming about as investors begin pouring capital into altcoins while BTC pushes towards its all-time highs This momentum is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon Whether or not bulls can close its price above this level during tonight’s daily close will provide some insight into its mid-term outlook This surge has created a tailwind for altcoins, with many posting massive gains as the DeFi […]

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Ethereum’s price has been trapped below one crucial level throughout the past few days While it has been flashing signs of strength, buyers have not been able to shatter the selling pressure that exists at $450 This is a key level that ETH bulls have been struggling to break above throughout the past few days and weeks Until this level is firmly surmounted, the crypto may remain in a somewhat precarious position Buyers and sellers […]

Ethereum Shatters First Key Resistance as Analysts Target Move to $480

While Bitcoin explodes past $17,000, Ethereum has seen only tempered momentum That being said, the crypto was able to break above a crucial resistance level today, and is trying to gain a footing above $470 This has led one analyst to expect significantly further upside in the near-term He believes that $480 is the next key level that ETH will target, with a break above here being vital for it to see a strong push […]

Analyst: Ethereum Forming Extremely Bullish Pattern as Bulls Target New Highs

Ethereum and the entire crypto market is consolidating today following some recent turbulence Bulls stepped up after the entire market saw a massive selloff yesterday and absorbed the influx of selling pressure, allowing BTC to rocket past $40,000 and ETH to move higher Today, the market has consolidated and drifted slightly lower, although bulls still […]

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Chainlink has been lagging behind Bitcoin and the rest of the market throughout the past few weeks This trend is coming to an end, however, as bulls have stepped up and propelled the cryptocurrency significantly higher today It still has a way to go before it sets all-time highs, but its current momentum does seem […]

Ethereum Rejects at High Time Frame Resistance as Analysts Target $280

Ethereum’s price has been closely tracking that of Bitcoin over the past few days and weeks This has led the cryptocurrency’s bulls and bears to reach an impasse, as both sides have been unable to spark any sustainable trend Where the market trends next will likely depend on BTC, as the cryptocurrency is currently trading between two critical levels One analyst is noting that Ethereum was rejected at a high time frame resistance level yesterday […]