Coreto Platform to Get a Makeover with Coreto Design Language

Coreto Platform to Get a Makeover with Coreto Design Language

A month after its Alpha launch, the reputation based online social platform for crypto communities, Coreto has entered Phase II and is in the process of receiving a huge upgrade. As a part of this new development, the community-driven, crowdsourced crypto information platform is implementing Coreto Design Language (CDL) – a design language system optimized […]

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Coreto: A Social Platform for All Reliable Crypto-Related Information

Coreto, a reputation-based online social platform for crypto communities has announced the Alpha launch of its product. Set for release on April 12, 2021, the product will be initially tried and tested by a select group of 500 users with another 500 users to be added at a later date. The Need for Community-Driven Crowdsourced […]

Ethereum’s Solidity Flaw Exploited in DAO Attack Says Cornell Researcher

Ethereum itself seems to be flawed according to the latest developments on the DAO Hack. Philip Daian, a researcher at Cornell University’s Initiative for Crytocurrencies & Contracts, just presented his latest findings on the hack, concluding: I would lay at least 50% of the blame for this exploit squarely at the feet of the design of the Solidity language. This may bolster the case for certain types of corrective action. I refuse to lay the blame exclusively on a poorly coded contract when the contract, even if coded using best practices and the following language documentation....

New TV Series About Bitcoin-Like Digital Currency Premieres Tonight

If, like me, you are a major Bitcoin advocate, you are probably sick and tired of Bitcoin crime sound bites dominating the mainstream news since 2013. If the mainstream gets exposed to Bitcoin at all, it is the underworld of Bitcoin which is exposed, not its industry and innovation. The world of digital currency is getting a makeover this fall as a new television drama is set to focus on digital currency in a way the mainstream has never seen before, and its official premiere is tonight. Bitcoin Gets a Made-For-TV Makeover. To start with, the concept of the show called “StartUp” is built....

Why Ethereum-Style Blockchains Do Not Really Decentralize

Ethereum and similar platforms intend to generalize Bitcoin technology by adding a Turing complete language to the stack. The idea is to have a powerful language at hand with which to implement all kinds of applications - Bitcoin is just the first app, the real technology is the immutable Blockchain and consensus over a distributed system. Bitcoin, on the contrary, deliberately supports a very sparse, incomplete scripting language to avoid attack vectors. Bitcoin is a platform which enables transactions, and generalizing it towards an application platform can enable many interesting....

Multiple DeFi projects unveil, plan new user interface upgrades

DeFi's getting a makeover as multiple platforms unveil new front ends, but will the efforts attract users? Many of the most popular decentralized finance protocols are getting a front-end makeover, but will the new looks and sleeker interfaces bring widespread adoption? Critics have long held that the barrier to entry for DeFi is significant, both for the amount of knowledge required to participate as well as for oftentimes clunky interfaces. However, a spate of projects including Sushiswap, Curve,, BadgerDAO and Synthetix have recently rolled out or are planning new....