FTX collapse followed by an uptick in stablecoin inflows and DEX activity

FTX collapse followed by an uptick in stablecoin inflows and DEX activity

Investors piled into stablecoins following FTX’s collapse, and an uptick in DEX activity suggests a rising interest in self-custody options. On-chain data from Glassnode show Bitcoin’s (BTC) movements hit a new record for the largest net decline in aggregate BTC balances on exchanges, reducing by 72,900 BTC in one week. A similar movement occurred in April 2020, November 2020 and June 2022, with the current outflow leaving around 2.25 million BTC on exchanges. Bitcoin exchange balances with net position change line. Source: GlassnodeExchange exodus for Ether, but not stablecoinsWhile Ether....

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The U.S. dollar accounts for nearly 100% of stablecoin value and a window of opportunity for policymakers has emerged with the collapse of UST.

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