Analyst Expects Bitcoin Retrace to $12,000 as Powerful Uptrend Stalls

Analyst Expects Bitcoin Retrace to $12,000 as Powerful Uptrend Stalls

Bitcoin has flashed some immense signs of strength throughout the past few hours, once again pushing up towards $16,000 Bulls appear to be gearing up for another test of this crucial resistance level If rejected here, this level could be confirmed as a mid-term top that is followed by immense downside A break above this level, however, would but a move to its all-time highs on the table One analyst is noting that he is […]

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All the way up until around mid-2020, Chainlink was the hottest crypto token around. But once Bitcoin broke above $10,000 months ago, the altcoin’s uptrend against the top cryptocurrency was broken. Following a full 50% retrace of the rally against BTC, Chainlink is now “ready to continue,” according to one crypto analyst. Here’s what that […]

Bitcoin Trend Strength More Powerful Than 2017, Only Just Beginning

The current Bitcoin uptrend is undeniably strong, but according to a technical tool that directly measures the strength of an underlying trend, it now marks the second-most powerful in history. What’s potentially even more exciting for cryptocurrency investors, is that on higher timeframes, the same tool says the uptrend is only just getting warmed up. Trend Strength Tool Suggests Strongest Bitcoin Uptrend In History Is In The Making Bitcoin has barely experienced a noteworthy correction […]

Bitcoin’s Momentum Stalls, But Negative Funding Gives a Boost to Bulls

Bitcoin’s upwards momentum has stalled following the promising push higher seen yesterday This allowed the cryptocurrency’s price to surge up towards $10,800, which is where it met some serious resistance that slowed its uptrend Despite rejecting at this level, the subsequent downtrend has not been that intense, indicating that bulls may still have some underlying strength One analyst is noting that although BTC is beginning to look bearish, the fact that funding rates are still […]

Why Bitcoin Could Rally to $24,000 Before Seeing Its First Major Retrace

Bitcoin has been flashing some signs of strength today as its buyers attempt to flip $16,000 into a support level Although it has yet to reject at this level, it has also been unable to secure a firm foothold above it One on-chain analyst is now noting that he expects Bitcoin’s ongoing rally to extend significantly further before buyers are met with any significant resistance He is specifically watching for a move to $24,000, noting […]

Two Key Trends Show That Bitcoin Will Correct After $1k Rally

Bitcoin has dropped slightly since establishing highs of $11,730 on Monday. The leading cryptocurrency currently trades for just over $11,400. Bitcoin is expected to see some volatility as announcements are expected from China about blockchain or its digital currency. From a technical standpoint, BTC is expected to retrace in the coming days as the bullish uptrend exhausts. One analyst outlined two core reasons why the cryptocurrency could drop towards the low-$11,000s in the days ahead. […]