Analysts Think Ethereum Will Push Toward $500 After Bounce at $420

Analysts Think Ethereum Will Push Toward $500 After Bounce at $420

Ethereum has dropped since its $460 highs. The coin of the leading cryptocurrency currently trades for $440, though analysts say that it may catch a bid if it goes lower. Analysts are specifically eyeing the $420 region, at which point ETH should post a strong bounce. Bolstering the Ethereum bull case, on-chain data shows that there is an accumulation of the coin taking place. Other trends show that ETH is being accumulated for the ETH2 […]

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Ethereum Is Cleared to Nearly Double In the Months Ahead: Analysts

Ethereum has seen a strong bounce since the September lows near $310. The coin now trades for $455, though peaked at $465 a few days ago. Technical trends show that the cryptocurrency will likely continue its ascent in the months ahead. Analysts are specifically eyeing a move toward $800, as that’s where macro resistance lies. Ethereum Technical Trends Suggest Growth Toward $800 Possible Ethereum has seen a strong bounce since the September lows near $310. […]

Analysts Eye $700 as Ethereum Pushes Toward $600

Ethereum has begun to bounce strongly since last week’s lows, correlating with a move higher in the price of BTC. ETH currently trades for $590, though moved extremely close to $600 earlier today. Analysts are optimistic that the cryptocurrency will continue its ascent in the days and weeks ahead as it holds key technical levels. […]

Ethereum Is At a Pivotal Support—and That’s Good for the Bull Case

Ethereum has strongly underperformed over recent days, but it may bounce soon. One trader noted that the coin has reached an important technical support level as per the Ichimoku Cloud. This is likely to result in a bounce, analysts say. Ethereum Poised to See Rally as Crucial Support Is Hit Ethereum has strongly underperformed over recent days. The leading cryptocurrency has slipped from around $420 to $386, despite the price of Bitcoin setting new year-to-date […]

Traders Eye Continuation For Ethereum Toward $900 After ETH2 Launch

Ethereum is expected to shoot higher in the weeks ahead despite the recent price consolidation. The cryptocurrency has held well in the high-$500s despite some downward pressure in the Bitcoin price. Analysts think that ETH could push toward $900 and beyond in the near future, especially due to the positive fundamental event of the ETH2 launch. Boosting Ethereum’s prospects, analysts are also bullish on Bitcoin. Ethereum Could Shoot Even Higher, Leading Analysts Say Ethereum is […]

Ethereum Expected to Bounce as Price Cleanly Bounces Off $385

Ethereum has undergone a 6% drop over the past 24 hours in the face of the stock drop. The Dow Jones is down 3% during Monday’s trading session. Analysts think ETH could bounce, though, as the coin has recovered to $390. One analyst noted that the coin is now trading above the pivotal swing level at $390. Ethereum holding above that level is expected to trigger a recovery towards the $422 weekly highs as aforementioned. […]