As The World Population Increases, Bitcoin Offers Freedom

As The World Population Increases, Bitcoin Offers Freedom

Bitcoin offers the world population a chance for freedom, despite global growth of authoritarianism.As the world population increases (the global population passed the 7 billion mark in 2011), the percentage of people who live under a democratic regime decreases. It is estimated that if things continue as they are now, in the years’ time, those who live under democratic principles and the rule of law, will comprise merely 26% of the global population, as for now India remains democratic. A report from tells us that 2021 is the 15th year in a row that global freedom....

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In a recent report, it was predicted that the Bitcoin community will hit 5 million by 2019 and the world population will reach an estimated 7.5 billion by the same time. This translates to less than 1 percent of world population who will know about Bitcoin and its benefits, unless people are made aware of Bitcoin and its wonders. Local Bitcoin communities across the world have created Meetup groups to engage local population, creating awareness about Bitcoin and how it can be used as an alternative to fiat currency. These groups are usually made up of entrepreneurs and bitcoin enthusiasts....

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