Radix Teams Up With Industry Giants to Bring DeFi to 100 Million

Radix Teams Up With Industry Giants to Bring DeFi to 100 Million

Decentralized finance applications have seen massive growth in the last year, currently storing over 50x times more value than at the start of 2020. The DeFi journey may just be beginning, however, as Radix has partnered with several of the most prominent names in crypto to launch the Goodfi Alliance, a DeFi growth initiative. In collaboration with AAVE, Chainlink, Messari Capital, and mStable, the dynamic group will be working to get 100 million people worldwide […]

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This Radix-Inspired Alliance Wants to Bring DeFi to 100 Million New Users

Decentralized finance has shown the 1% that the masses do not have to remain subjugated to the wills of the financial ruling class. Global citizens do not have to yield to a financial system that benefits a privileged few; rather, they can utilize tools for financial freedom. With this ethos in mind, Radix has created […]

Chainlink, Aave, Messari and others launch GoodFi crypto alliance

GoodFi claims to be the first cryptocurrency alliance focused on furthering education and research into decentralized finance. Some of DeFi’s biggest players have joined forces to launch a new alliance geared towards furthering the education, research and best practices of the nascent industry. The GoodFi alliance includes crypto projects Chainlink, Aave, Radix and mStable, as well as digital analytics company Messari. An alliance representative told Cointelegraph that GoodFi “enables companies operating in the DeFi space to collectively work to solve the issues facing a wider base,....

Hackers Drain $2 Million in DAI From Defi Protocol Akropolis

Decentralized finance (defi) protocol Akropolis was on Thursday hacked for $2 million in DAI, in the latest flash loan attack to hit the nascent defi industry. The attacker pilfered the platform’s Ycurve pool in batches of $50,000 in the stablecoin DAI. This particular pool allows investors to trade stablecoins and earn interest. In a statement on Nov. 12, Akropolis revealed that the hack was executed across a body of smart contracts in its “savings pools”. “At ~14:36 GMT we noticed a discrepancy in the APYs of our stablecoin pools and identified that ~2.0mn DAI had....

Smart Contract Protocol RSK Attempts to Bring Defi to the Bitcoin Network

During the last year, Ethereum has dominated the decentralized finance (defi) ecosystem but a number of other blockchain projects plan to join the fray. The second layer, smart contract protocol RSK aims to bring the defi demand to the Bitcoin blockchain and there’s already a few RSK-based defi projects in the wild. In the world of defi, users leverage applications that delegate traditional finance concepts like issuing assets, lending, borrowing, trading, and earning interest in a noncustodial manner. Crypto proponents have certainly noticed the creative and sometimes highly....

UniFarm Launches Group Farming with DeFi Giants

With yield farming becoming one of the most popular ways to earn sometimes frankly staggering returns on investment, 2020 saw platforms such as Compound take the spotlight as leaders of the DeFi farming movement. The TVL (total value locked) in DeFi currently sits at over $26 billion, and with innovative new platforms making strides into […]