Sell Setup Triggers On Ethereum Following Monster 50% Two-Day Surge

Sell Setup Triggers On Ethereum Following Monster 50% Two-Day Surge

In just 48 hours, Ethereum rocketed over 50% from $770 to roughly $1140 at last night’s overnight high. The massive Sunday candle was the lead up to a sell signal forming on daily timeframes. Was this latest push higher the last impulse in Ethereum’s bull trend? Or like Bitcoin, will this sell signal fail, and […]

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A “TD9” Sell Indicator Triggers For XRP After 6 Weeks of Stagnance

XRP continues to lag behind the rest of the market after a short-lived glimmer of hope brought prices to current levels in late July. And while crypto analysts expect the fourth-ranked cryptocurrency to outperform Bitcoin and Ethereum eventually, a sell setup has triggered on daily timeframes that could send Ripple ripping lower. TD 9 Sell […]

Bitcoin Short-Term Trend Seems to Be Down

Bitcoin managed to touch the 5th arc pair of resistance on the 2-hour chart setup. This generated a sell signal. Since then it managed to re-test the arc and was rejected. The long-term trend is still up. But the short-term trend is likely going to be down. Looking at this bull setup, a reasonable target is the 1×2 Gann angle at ~ 940. Let’s look at a bear setup from the swing high of $1050 (Kraken): I have overlaid the bear setup on top of the bull setup and have labelled the intersection of the 5th arc pair of each setup. There are arrows at each point that stand out as likely targets in....

Bear Trap: TD 9 Sell Triggers As Bulls Push Bitcoin Higher

Bitcoin price action has now spent a total of nine days in a short-term uptrend, capping off a bounce back to 2021 highs. The sequence of mostly green candles has now triggered and perfected a TD 9 sell setup on daily timeframes. However, the signal has repeatedly failed to yield results since the more dominant high timeframe uptrend began. Is this time different? Or is this yet another bear trap layered into a bull flag […]

Ethereum Did Not Disappoint

Well, as expected, ethereum has turned up, though it was bit sooner than I had been expecting. But this is hardly reason to complain. :) Still, the rather dramatic rise led me to want to take a closer look at ethereum’s chart, so I drilled down a bit deeper and opened a 4-hour chart. (If you recall, up to this point we have looked at the daily and the 8-hour charts.) Here is a bear setup from the high, using the high of the retracement to size my setup. As you can see, pricetime hugged the setup all the way to the low where it bounced off 3rd arc support. At that point it looks like we....

Bitcoin Sell-Off Triggers Classic Bearish Reversal Pattern; $20K Next?

An overnight sell-off in the Bitcoin market Monday brought its prices down from an intraday high of $34,888 to as low as $31,435.