Kraken Announces Lightning Integration

Kraken Announces Lightning Integration

Global cryptocurrency exchange Kraken will integrate Lightning Network functionality to improve bitcoin deposit and withdrawal efficiency. The post Kraken Announces Lightning Integration appeared first on Bitcoin Magazine.

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Kraken announces Lightning Network integrations for 2021

Kraken will integrate the Lightning Network to support instant Bitcoin transfers and reduced withdrawal fees. Major U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has announced on Wednesday that it will integrate the Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning Network in 2021. Kraken emphasized that the integration will drive significant improvements in speed and fees, claiming Lightning allows Bitcoin “to process millions of transactions per second."Speaking to Cointelegraph, Kraken’s lead Bitcoin strategist Pierre Rochard revealed that Lightning will first be integrated for withdrawals during the first half of....

Blockstream Announces Greenlight Lightning Node Service

Blockstream announces Greenlight, where new users can be easily onboarded to Lightning while holding their own keys.

OKEx to accelerate Bitcoin transactions with Lightning Network

As Lightning Labs continues to expand the Lightning Network’s capabilities, another major exchange announces its plans to integrate. Global cryptocurrency exchange OKEx is moving to cheaper and faster Bitcoin (BTC) transactions with its upcoming Lightning Network integration.According to a Tuesday announcement, OKEx’s Bitcoin Lightning Network will be integrated “in the coming quarter,” making OKEx a participant node in the Lightning Network.The integration will allow OKEx users to select the Lightning Network option when depositing and withdrawing BTC, intending to decrease transaction....

Lightning Network One Step Closer to Reality as Lightning Labs Announces Alpha Release

Lightning Labs, one of the prominent companies working to realize the lightning network, announcedthis week the alpha release of the open-source lightning daemon they've been spearheading: LND. While only compatible with Bitcoin’s testnet so far, the software is relatively feature-complete and operational. “We’re now looking for the wider community to test the software,” Joseph Poon, Lightning Labs developer and co-author of the lightning network white paper, told Bitcoin Magazine. “To get it ready for widespread use, but also to explore new use cases this enables.” The Lightning Network.....

Vietnam’s Oldest Bitcoin Exchange Adds Support for Lightning Network

With VBT's integration, the Lightning Network now has support from half a dozen Bitcoin exchanges.