Technical Analysis: Gala Jumps 37% Higher, as Crypto Bulls Return

Technical Analysis: Gala Jumps 37% Higher, as Crypto Bulls Return

During the weekend, when bitcoin rose to a two-week high, it was Gala that stole the show after climbing 37%. Bulls returned to action on Saturday, as the global crypto market capitalization was around 8% higher. Biggest gainers Following a huge week of news in the gaming and crypto space, it was only a matter of time till traders turned their attentions to gala (GALA). Crypto bulls flocked to GALA to start the weekend, pushing prices of the gaming-based blockchain almost 40% higher GALA/USD, rose to an intraday high of $0.2668, following its low of....

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GALA was one of Tuesday’s big gainers, as cryptocurrency markets were once again trending upwards. Overall, the cryptocurrency market capitalization is around 4% higher as of writing. Biggest gainers On Tuesday, crypto markets were green across the board, as traders once again re-entered the marketplace following the uncertainty caused by the tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Gala (GALA) was one of these bulls, climbing by as much as 16% earlier in the session, however it was qtum (QTUM) which led today’s gainers. QTUM/USD, which was trading at a low of $6.33 on Monday,....

Technical Analysis: THETA, GALA, and SAND Lead Weekend Crypto Bears

THETA, GALA, and SAND were some of Saturday’s biggest cryptocurrency casualties, as an onslaught of bearish pressure pushed prices lower. This came whilst market bulls were few and far between to begin the weekend. Biggest Gainers As of writing, DOGE and LUNA were both marginally higher, however it was XRP that made the most gains within the crypto top 100 this Saturday. Despite the majority of cryptocurrencies remaining in red, XRP is up nearly 6% as of writing, following two days of strong bullish sentiment. XRP/USD rose to an intraday high of $0.8237 on Saturday, following a low....

Gala Games Debunk Rumors Of Alleged Hack After Token Plunges

Amid several difficulties and financial crises in the crypto industry, the value of Gala Games’ native token, GALA, dropped 90%. Community members are speculating the cause of this massive decline is hack exploitation. Some revealed rumors of a billion-dollar rug pull. However, Gala Games debunked the rumors saying all is well. Gala Games is a […]

Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 11/18/2016 – Joining the Bulls?

Bitcoin price is retreating upon reaching its yearly highs but bulls could be ready for another push higher after this pullback. Bitcoin Price Key Highlights. Bitcoin price reached the yearly highs around $780 and profit-taking happened as predicted in the previous article. Price is now making a pullback from its recent rally and could encounter more bulls who are waiting at the next area of interest. Technical indicators are confirming that the uptrend could resume once the correction is completed. Technical Indicators Signals. The 100 SMA just crossed above the longer-term 200 SMA to....

GALA Price Skyrocketed 19% After Galaverse Dates Announced

While crypto market values are seeing ups and downs over a couple of weeks, the Gala price has jumped 19% in the 24 hours on Feb 15, and giant coins like BTC, ETH saw a single-digit gain on the contrary. Gala games is a blockchain-based gaming studio with an aim to provide players control over […]