Dogecoin Vs Shiba Inu: How Do The Memecoins Compare In On-Chain Metrics?

Dogecoin Vs Shiba Inu: How Do The Memecoins Compare In On-Chain Metrics?

Here’s how the various memecoins in the market, like Dogecoin and Shiba, compare against each other in terms of the on-chain indicators. Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, And Other Memecoins Stacked Against Each Other In a new post on X, the market intelligence platform IntoTheBlock shared an infographic that looks into the underlying metrics of the different […]

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October began with a decline in Bitcoin, altcoin, and memecoins like Dogecoin prices backed by the Fed’s quantitative tightening and interest rate hike. Bitcoin slumped below the 20k psychological level, giving rise to tensions among investors in the market. However, the month ended with a massive price rally for some altcoins across the market. While bitcoin price slumped below 20k and later made a recovery, Memecoins hit milestone gains, with DOGE increasing by 25%. SHIB and others followed closely after DOGE. How Dogecoin And Other Memecoins Are Faring The price of DOGE has....