The Striking Similarities Between The 2017 Bitcoin Peak And Now

The Striking Similarities Between The 2017 Bitcoin Peak And Now

Bitcoin is now trading over $7,000 below its peak reached to start the year – a peak that is more than double its previous all-time high. And while believers in the cryptocurrency are certain this is just another pullback before more price discovery, the similarities between the 2017 top and now are undeniably striking. Here’s […]

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Many have drawn similarities between DeFi and the ICO craze of 2017, and it’s easy to see why as well. To begin with, both operate(d) primarily on the Ethereum network. However, it’s the flood of fly by night projects that links the two in the minds of many. With that, in recent times, critics have […]

Quant Points Out Striking Resemblance Between 2017 And 2021 Bitcoin Cycles

A quant has pointed out the similarities between the 2017 and 2021 Bitcoin cycles, something that could hint at how the rest of this bear market might play out. Both 2017 And 2021 Bitcoin Cycles Saw New Lows Around The 365-Day Mark Since The Top As explained by an analyst in a CryptoQuant post, the two cycles are more similar than one might expect them to be. The indicator of relevance here is the “drawdown from ATH,” which measures the percentage decrease in the price of Bitcoin following the all-time high during each cycle. Here is a chart that shows the trend in this metric....

Bitcoin's price doubled in 75 days — How long until the next 100% leg up?

Historical analysis suggests that the amount of time it takes for the Bitcoin price to double may accelerate during this bull run. The price of Bitcoin has doubled in the past 75 days, prompting some analysts to question whether the market is approaching over-extension.However, historical analysis from Bitcoin monitoring team CaseBitcoin suggests the Bitcoin markets could accelerate further, noting that BTC’s “doubling time” — the time taken for price to increase by 100% — shrunk down to just 12 days just before the peak of the 2017 bull run.3/ How low can it get? In 2017, the fastest....

A little bit of history repeating? The numbers behind Bitcoin’s bull run

What’s different about crypto in 2021 compared to 2017, and where does this current Bitcoin rally sit in terms of BTC’s cycle? The idea of market cycles is widely accepted in finance. The most basic principle is that what goes up must come down. The underlying rationale is that investors will accumulate when prices are low, causing prices to rise. As the price reaches a peak, sell pressure will take over as holders seek to cash out, thereby pushing the price back down. If you bought Bitcoin (BTC) in 2017 or earlier, this will sound eerily familiar. It essentially describes what happened....

Bitcoin Price Spends Four Weeks At 2017 Peak Prices, What Comes Next?

Bitcoin movements in the 2022 bear market have almost completely deviated from the established bear trends in the market. The digital asset which had never fallen below a previous cycle peak had finally done it when it fell to $17,600 following the June crash. Since then, the cryptocurrency has had a hard time maintaining its price above the previous cycle peak and has now spent a number of weeks nursing this current level. Bitcoin Enters Consolidation Levels Bitcoin has been consolidating around the 2017 peak levels for the last month. It continues to struggle against the tide in this....