Staked Ethereum Hits New All-Time Highs Ahead Of The Merge

Staked Ethereum Hits New All-Time Highs Ahead Of The Merge

Ethereum was formerly developed as a PoW blockchain. However, it’s been planning to transition to PoS through an upgrade tagged the merge. The process, which has different phases, is almost getting to completion as the date for the merge draws closer. The target is September 15 and would finally merge the Ethereum mainnet and the […]

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Ethereum Hits New Milestone, Investors Accumulate Ahead Of Merge

The Ethereum deposit staking contract has seen increased interest since developers announced that the Merge is likely to happen next month in September. This move to proof of stake will see miners be flushed out in favor of validators who earn rewards for staking their ETH, and more investors want to take advantage of this. This has seen Ethereum hit new milestones, while the most recent one has to do with the amount of ETH staked. Staked ETH Crosses 13.3 Million Staked ETH on the Ethereum network has now reached a new milestone of 13.3 million. This number has been a long time in the....

Total Staked ETH More Than Doubles Ahead Of Ethereum Merge

Staking ETH had first begun on the Ethereum network about two years ago when the move to proof of stake was officially put in motion. Since then, the amount of ETH staked on the network has ramped up. By 2021, the total staked ETH on the Ethereum network had surpassed 5% of the total circulating […]

Ethereum Price Forecast Remains Bullish As Network Nears Another Milestone

Ethereum has been recording win after win over the last month. If it’s not a win in its price, then it is another step forward in its move to being a proof of stake network. These major milestones have reverberated throughout its community, spurring bullish sentiment amongst even the most skeptical of investors. Now, another milestone moving into view for the network promises even better things to come. Staking Nears 13.3 Million ETH The amount of ETH staked on the network continues to rise drastically. The first validator node was set over a year ago, and since then, thousands of....

Staked ETH Nears 14 Million As Ethereum Readies For Breakout

Since the completion of the Ethereum Merge, sentiment among the community has remained positive. There had been no withdrawal mechanisms coded into the hard fork, which meant that the feared dump of millions of ETH into the market did not happen. What had happened is that the amount of ETH that was being staked on the network had continued to grow, now getting close to another important milestone for the network. Staked ETH Almost At 14 Million By the time the Merge was to be implemented, there had been more than 13 million ETH already staked on the network. This represented more than 11%....

64% of staked ETH controlled by five entities — Nansen

New report by Nansen delves into the distribution of staked ETH, respective holders and possible ramifications as The Merge looms. A report from blockchain analytics platform Nansen highlights five entities that hold 64% of staked Ether (ETH) ahead of Ethereum’s highly anticipated Merge with the Beacon chain.Ethereum’s shift from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake is set to take place in the coming days after final updates and shadow forks were completed in early September. The key component of The Merge sees miners no longer used as validators, replaced by stakers that commit ETH to maintain....