Binance Boss Warns Users Of Crypto Scam Sites On Google Search Results

Binance Boss Warns Users Of Crypto Scam Sites On Google Search Results

Crypto scams are now as popular as legitimate projects in the space. With the number of new tokens being pushed into the market, the number of scam tokens actually outnumber those with good intentions and the fight against them continues. One way these scammers promote their projects is through ads, and even though platforms like […]

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Google still promoting crypto phishing sites warns Binance boss

In a tweet this week, CZ warned that when searching for CoinMarketCap on Google, phishing sites with an “ad” tag were showing up in front of the actual website. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) has warned that Google search results are still promoting crypto phishing and scamming websites. Despite Google’s strict policies on crypto marketing for its ads service, scammers have still been slipping through the cracks over the past few years. At times, scam websites have even been displayed higher than legitimate crypto and blockchain projects. In an Oct. 27 tweet, CZ warned that when searching....

CipherTrace warns of surge in funds lost to MetaMask phishers

Phishers are coming after MetaMask users in increasingly clever ways. Cyber Security firm CipherTrace has issued a warning after noting a surge in reports over the past 24 hours of users funds being stolen by a malicious Chrome browser extension posing as popular crypto wallet MetaMask.The warning was issued under the headline "ALERT: Malicious Crypto Browser Extension—Masked MetaMask" and reported the company had seen "an uptick of alerts and comments within the online cryptocurrency community of users’ funds being stolen."In response to online criticism that MetaMask is not doing enough....

Brave takes aim at Google with privacy-protecting search engine beta

Brave hopes users will want to search the web without being tracked. Crypto-powered web browser Brave has branched out into the world of search with a new privacy-protecting beta search engine.The platform aims to take on the likes of Google, which harvests personal data and browsing habits while serving up targeted ads and tailored search results. But it faces an uphill battle against the tech giant which accounts for more than 90% of the market.In an announcement on June 22, Brave stated that it had launched Brave Search beta built into its browser, offering users “the first independent....

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao Warns Users Of SMS Phishing Scam

CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zao has alerted users about a massive SMS phishing scam that is targeted towards Binance users. The scam of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange platform is redirecting users to a malicious website to harvest credentials. Changpeng Zhao tweeted on Friday There is a massive Phishing scam via SMS with a link […]

Google Ends MPAA Anti-Piracy Cooperation

Yesterday we reported that the MPAA is discussing site blocking with major movie studios and law firms. They hope to implement site blocking within the United States using existing laws while avoiding a SOPA-style response from the public. While the use of site blocking to deal with copyright infringing sites is starting to take off in Europe, the United States has not yet experienced this type of censorship. Also read: Torrent Directory Pirate Bay Raided Again, Currently Offline. Google has been cooperating with the MPAA so far, by removing torrent sites and other sites that host....