Analyst Claims Altcoins Remain Bearish as Ethereum Struggles to Rally

Analyst Claims Altcoins Remain Bearish as Ethereum Struggles to Rally

Altcoins have been moving significantly higher throughout the past few days and weeks, with the DeFi sector, in particular, seeing some immense momentum This comes after a multi-month phase of losses that altcoins faced, with those residing within the DeFi sector being struck particularly hard by this Ethereum’s recent explosive rally higher, however, helped put a firm end to this trend The cryptocurrency did see a retrace last night, however, and it is once again […]

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Ethereum has undergone a strong rally over the past few days, pushing as high as $470. ETH is up around 10% in the past 24 hours, despite Bitcoin stagnating in the high-$15,000s. Ethereum’s rally higher comes as other altcoins have rebounded. Analysts remain bullish on Ethereum and altcoins. Ethereum Explodes Up, and It Has Room to Move Even Higher: Analysts Ethereum has undergone a strong rally over the past two days despite strong weakness over […]

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Ethereum extended its rally and it traded to a new all-time high above $3,450 against the US Dollar. ETH price is correcting gains, but it is likely to remain well bid above $3,100. Ethereum remained in a strong uptrend and it broke the $3,400 level. The price is now trading well above $3,200 and the […]

Analyst Claims XRP has Room for a 100% Rally as Whales Accumulate

Bitcoin’s price action as of late has been incredibly bullish, but altcoins like XRP and Ethereum have continued their descents as traders and investors alike both set their sights on the benchmark cryptocurrency. One trader is now noting that XRP – which is currently trading at multi-year lows against its BTC trading pair – could […]

Analyst: Post Bitcoin, Traditional Finance Will Flock To DeFi, Not Ethereum

Bitcoin is in price discovery and each day sets a new all-time high. But despite the soaring prices well above the previous record, altcoins have barely moved in comparison.  However, traditional finance will soon move profits and diversify, and when they do, one chartered financial analyst claims it’ll be into DeFi tokens, and not Ethereum […]

Market Update: Bitcoin And Ethereum Struggles To Recover, AR And NMR Soars Si...

Despite the market condition, top currencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, struggle to regain their values. On the other hand, some altcoins, AR, and NMR are showing a significant gain charm over 14-days. Since the Fed Reserve decided to raise interest rates and the May inflation report, Bitcoin has been floating in a small zone between $19,000 and $20,000. Thus, it is difficult for it to recover any significant upward pace. Related Reading | Solana (SOL) Stuck Below $33 In Past Days As Bearish Pressure Still Intact Bitcoin, the most valuable cryptocurrency, has dropped more than 70% in....