XDC Based SuperBullsNFT Rages with Bids of 444,444 XDC

XDC Based SuperBullsNFT Rages with Bids of 444,444 XDC

SuperBullsNFT announces the winning bid for their first NFT. The first NFT, the Golden Bull sold for 444,444 XDC. The winner also got a Tag Heuer watch signed by Max Verstappen along with a digital frame of the Golden Bull NFT. The XinFin XDC network has very well established itself as a single blockchain platform enabling various blockchain services as a one-stop-shop. Accordingly, it further expands itself into the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) sector by establishing a new project launched recently upon its network. The recently launched SuperBullsNFT works on the XDC blockchain network, with....

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