OCEAN gains 86.4% in March ahead of Q2 launch of Ocean v4

OCEAN gains 86.4% in March ahead of Q2 launch of Ocean v4

The highly anticipated protocol upgrade, combined with a growing partner base and an active grants program, has given life to OCEAN. Data security and accessibility have become important issues of the modern age as the world slowly progresses towards a Web3 future that establishes blockchain technology as the underlying infrastructure for the new internet.One project that is looking to capitalize on this growing trend by establishing tools for the new Web3 data economy is Ocean Protocol (OCEAN), a blockchain ecosystem that helps individuals and businesses unlock the value of their data and....

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New staking and governance features back Ocean Protocol’s 40% rally

Ocean Protocol’s new governance features and the ability to yield farm OCEAN tokens are improving the fundamentals of the decentralized data monetization platform. Data collection, aggregation and analysis have become some of the largest profit generators for companies like Facebook and Google who have designed an array of algorithms purposed with harnessing user data in order to better optimize the user interfaces of their applications and their online marketplaces. While collecting the data is the ultimate objective, the events of the past few years have also shown that securing it and....

Ocean Protocol Forks to Retrieve Tokens Stolen From KuCoin Exchange

On Sunday, Ocean Protocol conducted a hard fork from its old token address to prevent the KuCoin exchange hacker from continued unloading of stolen OCEAN tokens on decentralized exchange Uniswap.

Ocean V3 Brings Wave of Data Monetization Tools to Ethereum

A third version of Ocean Protocol has been released, fleshing out its vision for “datatokens” and decentralized data marketplaces.

Ocean Protocol, Helium and Chainlink post monthly gains while Bitcoin price c...

Roadmap and protocol upgrades are a few of the factors behind the month-long rally in LINK, OCEAN and HNT. Positive price movements during bear markets are noteworthy primarily because they can help identify projects that have a good chance of surviving until the next bull cycle . Generally, price action in June has been stagnant for a majority of the crypto market because traders are nervous about Bitcoin's (BTC) oscillation around the $30,000 support level, but there have been a few strong performers. LINK/USDT vs. HNT/USDT vs. OCEAN/USDT 4-hour chart. Source: TradingViewData from....

How Bitcoin Can Unlock The Energy Of The Ocean For 1 Billion People

Bitcoin can breathe new life into Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC), a 150-year old renewable technology stymied by economies of scale.