Bitcoin Open Interest Falls As Price Dips Below $31,000

Bitcoin Open Interest Falls As Price Dips Below $31,000

The bitcoin open interest over the past several weeks has been interesting to witness. Surges and dips appeared and disappeared just as quickly, usually following the price of the digital asset itself. Last week was no different given the movement. The bitcoin denominated open interest had plunged after only hitting a new all-time high the previous weeks. This suggests a sharp turn in the sentiment of investors after the rollercoaster of the last week. Bitcoin Open Interest Down 25,000 Back at the beginning of June, Bitcoinist reported that a short squeeze may have been the reason behind....

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The Bitcoin crash of last week was a brutal one for the market. It saw the digital asset lose its footing from where it had been trending just below $30,000 to crash to the mid $17,000s before a recovery had begun. With the new week, the market had started to emerge into the green. But as bitcoin struggles to hold above $20,000, the question remains what had triggered such a crash. A Short Squeeze The bitcoin open interest in perps had been up over the last couple of weeks. This has continued to be the case through the market crash and the subsequent recovery. However, the open interest....

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Ethereum has seen more interest in recent days. Most of it has come from the price decline of the digital asset which has allowed investors to get in at a much lower price. This interest can be easily seen in the rise of the Ethereum-denominated open interest. In the last week, this has risen dramatically. […]