Epic Games Launches First NFT Game, ‘Blankos Block Party’

Epic Games Launches First NFT Game, ‘Blankos Block Party’

Epic Games has been one of the few major traditional game developers and publishers in the market to show a clear interest in NFTs. While the tier 1 gaming company hasn’t been especially aggressive in the space quite yet, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney has a notorious pro-developer stance, and has expressed that NFTs can show […]

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Burberry Is The Latest Designer Brand To Branch Into NFTs

British luxury fashion house Burberry is entering the ever-expanding world of NFTs. The legacy designer brand is partnering with Mythical Games, the studio that runs Blankos Block Party for branded digital toys in-game. The partnership is the latest of many major fashion houses to join the ranks of NFT exploration. Blankos Block Party Blankos Block […]

Epic Games Doubles Down On Web3 Gaming Support, Adds Solana-Based ‘Star Atlas...

It’s been a busy month for Epic Games when it comes to blockchain engagement. The Epic Games Store launched it’s first supported blockchain-based title, Blankos Block Party, earlier this month – and now it’s adding a second title to it’s slate of offerings. Let’s take a look at the title and what we can expect […]

Epic welcomes blockchain games but don't expect any Fortnite NFTs

Epic Games is open to blockchain game developers, but the company has no NFT plans. Gaming platforms are choosing sides on blockchain, cryptocurrencies and nonfungible tokens (NFTs) within their respective ecosystems. Following reports of Valve banning crypto and NFT-related games on Steam, its primary competitor, Epic Games Store showed a welcoming attitude for blockchain developers and the use of crypto in video games.Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney said that the Epic Games Store would enable games using blockchain technology as long as the developers abide by the relevant laws and disclose....

Wild West-Based Battle Royale Blockchain Game Grit Gets Listed on the Epic Ga...

On June 6, the Web3 entertainment company Gala Games announced that the Wild West-focused battle royale blockchain game Grit will soon be available via the Epic Games Store and accessible to 194 million users. The well known company Epic Games is the producer of the Unreal Engine and the popular online video games Fortnite and Gears of War. Blockchain-Powered Grit Gets Added to the Epic Games Store — Gala Games Exec Says Epic Listing Brings Legitimacy to This New Genre of Gaming The Epic Games Store currently hosts a blockchain video game called Grit, a Wild West-based....

Steam Kicks Out Crypto, Epic Replies: We’ll Welcome Them

The battle between Steam and Epic Games, two of the most important videogame distribution platforms worldwide, has reached the crypto market. As Bitcoinist reported yesterday, video game developer Vault removed and banned crypto-based games from Steam. The decision was met with a reply from its competitor. Related Reading | How The Apple v. Epic Games Case […]