Asset Manager Who Predicted Ethereum Outperforming Bitcoin: The Trend Is “Done”

Asset Manager Who Predicted Ethereum Outperforming Bitcoin: The Trend Is “Done”

Bitcoin has done well for itself in 2020, making it the top mainstream investment of the year so far. But deeper in the crypto market, Bitcoin’s gains look meager next to even its next closest asset in line, Ethereum. Ethereum and DeFi tokens outperformed Bitcoin easily this year so far, but that trend is “done” […]

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Ethereum Approaches “Do or Die” Level Against BTC, Analyst Claims

Ethereum spent most of 2020 outperforming Bitcoin by a large margin, thanks to the burning hot DeFi trend and the related tokens’ reliance on the second-ranked crypto asset. But since things have reversed and Bitcoin has gone on its own individual run, on the ETHBTC trading pair, Ethereum has reached a point of “do or […]

Analyst Who Called for $650 Ethereum Thinks This is Coming Next

Ethereum has been lagging behind Bitcoin as of late, not being able to match the immense gains seen by the benchmark cryptocurrency This trend has come about due to Bitcoin sucking the oxygen out of the room, with the benchmark crypto outperforming just about every major altcoin as of late If this trend persists, Ethereum could continue posting relative weakness on its BTC trading pair, hampering the growth it sees against the dollar as well […]

Ethereum Confirms Bullish Retest Of Crucial Support Against Bitcoin

Ethereum spent the summer months easily outperforming Bitcoin, but that trend reversed as soon as the fall months hit. The change in tune towards the DeFi trend helped take the second-ranked cryptocurrency down to retest resistance turned support. The bullish retest has since held, and it could take the altcoin back to retest highs on […]

Bitcoin trader explains why BTC outperforming Ethereum is just 'simple math'

Bitcoin has been outperforming Ethereum in the past few days as one popular trader says this is a result of "simple math." Bitcoin (BTC) has been outperforming Ether (ETH) in the past several days as BTC surged above $50,000 for the first time in history. Meanwhile, one popular cryptocurrency trader explains that this is "simple math" given the growing institutional demand for BTC. BTC vs. ETH (orange) performance in February. Source: TradingviewWhile ETH is beating BTC in USD terms year-to-date, Bitcoin is gaining steam in February, up 60% compared to Ether's 50%. Ether did rally by....

Top Crypto Asset Manager Grayscale Surpasses $10 Billion AUM

Leading crypto-asset fund manager Grayscale just recorded a massive milestone to its Twitter. This comes as the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin, along with Ethereum and smaller altcoins, have erupted higher in the past 24 hours. Bitcoin traded as high as $17,850 on Tuesday, nearing its all-time high price closer to $20,000. Related Reading: Here’s Why Ethereum’s […]