Bitcoin Miners Saw 11% Revenue Drop in September

Bitcoin Miners Saw 11% Revenue Drop in September

Miners generated an estimated $328 million in September.

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Ethereum miners made 450K ETH from high network fees during DeFi peak

On-chain data shows Ethereum miners saw a 39% surge in revenue as fees soared during the DeFi craze. Ether (ETH) miner revenue skyrocketed during the month of September according to data from glassnode, an onchain analytics resource. While the price of Ether did not rise significantly during this time, miners on the Ethereum network saw their revenue increase due to high fees. Miners took home 450,089 ETH in fees ($168.7 million) and this represents a 39% increase over last month in which miners made roughly $113 million in fees. During the same period, Bitcoin miner revenue from fees not....

Bitcoin miner revenue surges to pre-halving levels

Miners are likely starting to sell some BTC at this point. As the Bitcoin (BTC) price is reaching the highest levels since January 2018, Bitcoin mining is getting more profitable due to a number of factors.According to data from, BTC miners revenue has soared to levels not seen since Bitcoin’s third halving in May 2020 that reduced the miner block reward from 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC.As such, BTC miners’ revenue hit $20.8 million on Nov. 4. According to, the highest point recorded since September 2019, when miners’ block reward was twice as much as now.BTC miners....

Bitcoin Miners Saw 48% Revenue Increase in November

Nearly 11% of revenue came from fees, down slightly from October.

Bitcoin Miners Saw 8% Revenue Increase in October

12% of revenue came from fees, the highest percentage since January 2018.

Bitcoin Miners See Revenue Per TH/s Nearly Triple in 3 Months

Mining revenue has reached its highest mark since early August 2019.