Russia To Legalize Crypto Payments, But Proposal Causes Internal Concerns

Russia To Legalize Crypto Payments, But Proposal Causes Internal Concerns

Per a report from local news outlet Kommersant, the Russian Ministry of Finance has completed a bill addressing crypto payments in the country. The document was obtained by the local news website and confirmed by two different sources. Related Reading | Don’t Help Russia, Or Else… Treasury Official Says US Will ‘Come And Find You’ The […]

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How Uniswap Will Block Wallets Connected To “Clearly Illegal” Activities

The company behind the development of the popular automated market maker (AMM), Uniswap Labs updated its policy regarding blocking wallets from accessing the decentralized application (dApp). Per an official post, Uniswap’s front end will be blocked to users associated with criminal activities. Related Reading | Russia To Legalize Crypto Payments, But Proposal Causes Internal Concerns The […]

Russia Can’t Do Without Cross-Border Crypto Payments, Consensus Reached

Key government institutions have agreed that Russia needs to legalize crypto payments for international settlements. The proposal has been gaining support in the past few months since Moscow’s decision to invade Ukraine was met with wave after wave of Western sanctions. Financial Authorities in Russia Consider Legalizing International Cryptocurrency Payments In the current conditions, “it is impossible to do without cross-border settlements in cryptocurrency,” Russia’s finance ministry and central bank have concluded after reconsidering their....

Is Russia Going To Legalize Crypto As A Form Of Payment? Court Sets Precedent...

The City Court of St. Petersburg in Russia made a judgement that legally acknowledged digital assets less than a week after the Russia’s Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov said that Russia would definitely legalize crypto as a means of payment. Russian Court Acknowledges Crypto As Form Of Payment Piron and Yevgeny Prigozhin were sentenced […]

Russia Explores Stablecoins for Settlements With Friendly Nations

Russia is cooperating with friendly countries on the potential employment of stablecoins in international payments, a top government official unveiled. The news comes after key institutions in Moscow agreed that the Russian Federation needs to legalize cross-border crypto payments in the face of sanctions. Russia Looking to Build Stablecoin Platforms to Facilitate Trade With Partners The Russian government is now working with several “friendly countries” on the establishment of clearing platforms for international settlements in stablecoins, Deputy Finance Minister Alexey....

Russia Proceeds With Efforts to Legalize Crypto Amid Sanctions Over Ukraine

Authorities in Russia are continuing their work to establish a comprehensive legal framework for crypto transactions. The efforts, which started before the military invasion of Ukraine, go on amid warnings that Moscow may use cryptocurrencies to evade expanding financial sanctions. Expert Council Meets in Russia to Discuss Law ‘On Digital Currency’ Attempts to legalize and regulate operations with cryptocurrencies are ongoing in Russia, despite the situation surrounding the military assault the Kremlin launched in neighboring Ukraine. An expert council supporting....