Burger Flippening: DoorDash IPO Instantly Exceeds Ethereum Market Cap

Burger Flippening: DoorDash IPO Instantly Exceeds Ethereum Market Cap

It is “IPO season” in the stock market, and among the companies going public for the first time, is food-delivery firm DoorDash. In its stock market debut, the individual share price brought the total market cap above the entire Ethereum market cap instantly. One analyst calls DoorDash’s debut the “the most ridiculous IPO of 2020,” […]

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Burger King plans to give rewards in Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin to its customers in partnership with Robinhood. Burger King To Reward Customers From A Pool Of Dogecoin, Bitcoin, And Ethereum Fast-food giant Burger King announced on Monday a partnership with Robinhood that will bring crypto rewards for its customers. The offer will run from […]

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This London Street Food Stall Will Sell You An Artisan Burger For Bitcoin

When Ryan Holder went for his lunch break today in Shoreditch, where he works as a front-end developer, he decided to stroll to a nearby burger stall to purchase an artisanal beef burger laced with a special spicy sauce - nothing out of the ordinary in this hip part of east London - until the burger cart owner whipped out his iPhone to receive the payment in bitcoin. "This is the best burger in the world," Holder declared as his 'Angry Bear' burger was handed to him. Buying street food with bitcoin is a novelty, even in London's self-styled Silicon Roundabout. The stall Holder went to is....

Burger King Giving Away Bitcoin, Ether, Dogecoin in Partnership With Robinhood

Burger King is giving away 20 bitcoin, 200 ether, and two million dogecoin this month in partnership with trading platform Robinhood. “Each entrant may receive up to 21 Prize Codes” that can be redeemed for cryptocurrencies on Robinhood. ‘Burger King With a Side of Crypto’ Fast food restaurant chain Burger King has announced “Burger King with a side of crypto,” its newest offer for Royal Perks members. To be eligible to participate, customers must “make a minimum $5.00 pre-tax Burger King (‘BK’) food....