Three Arrows Capital weighs bailout as Kyle Davies breaks silence: Report

Three Arrows Capital weighs bailout as Kyle Davies breaks silence: Report

All options are on the table for 3AC after this week’s crypto market collapse triggered mass liquidations for the hedge fund. Crypto-focused hedge fund and venture capital firm Three Arrows Capital is considering the sale of remaining assets and even a bailout as it grapples with the prospect of insolvency in the wake of a violent collapse in digital asset markets. The firm, which also goes by 3AC, has hired legal and financial advisers to explore solutions for its investors and lenders, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday. Several options are on the table, including asset sales and a....

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Per a report from The Wall Street Journal, proprietary crypto trading firm Three Arrows Capital (3AC) has confirmed the rumors about its insolvency. The firm has hired a legal and financial team of advisors to “work out a solution for its investors and lenders”, as stated by 3AC co-founder Kyle Davies. Related Reading | Is Elon […]

Crypto Biz: 3AC’s founders are nowhere to be found

Liquidators don't know the whereabouts of Kyle Davies and Su Zhu. Meanwhile, Grayscale's legal officer says the asset manager's lawsuit against the SEC could take a while to play out. In the world of crypto, there’s no such thing as “too big to fail.” Three Arrows Capital, once the most recognizable hedge fund in the industry, has essentially gone belly-up after its founders believed their own hype and decided to go full-degen mode during the worst macro climate of a generation. Since the proverbial shit hit the fan last month, founders Kyle Davies and Su Zhu have kept a very low profile.....

Three Arrows Founder Breaks 27 Days Silence, Says Firm Baited By Liquidators

For the first time since June 15, Su Zhu, co-founder of the troubled cryptocurrency hedge fund Three Arrows Capital, called out liquidators for “baiting” the firm into cooperation. Three Arrows Founder Says They’re Being Entrapped Su Zhu, a co-founder of Three Arrows Capital (3AC), broke his month-long silence today by posting images of an email […]

Three Arrows Capital Founders Speak After Filing Bankruptcy, Exec Says the ‘W...

This week the two co-founders of the embattled cryptocurrency hedge fund Three Arrows Capital spoke to Bloomberg about their fund crumbling at the seams. The co-founders Su Zhu and Kyle Davies did not disclose their whereabouts, but a lawyer who monitored the interview noted the duo is located in the United Arab Emirates. Zhu said that he would “maybe” accept being called “stupid,” but people saying that he “absconded funds during the last period” is “not true.” 3AC Founders Discuss the Company’s Financial Woes The....

Three Arrows Founders Speak Out After Hiding For Weeks Because Of Death Threats

The disgraced founders of Three Arrows Capital spoke comprehensively about the catastrophic failure of their once-flying hedge fund after five weeks of hiding out. They said that they had received threats to their lives, which is why they remained under the radar. Bloomberg reported on Friday that Su Zhu and Kyle Davies, both 35 years […]