Bullish or bearish? PayPal hosts $242M in crypto trading over 24 hours

Bullish or bearish? PayPal hosts $242M in crypto trading over 24 hours

Daily crypto volume on payments giant PayPal have surged to record highs above $240 million. Global payments provider PayPal has doubled its previous crypto volume record, with $242 million worth of digital assets changing hands on the platform during Jan. 11.According to crypto market data aggregator Nomics, yesterday’s trading dwarfed PayPal’s previous volume record of $129 million recorded on Jan. 6. Since Jan. 1, daily volume has increased by 950% from $22.8.With the spike in PayPal’s volume coming amid Bitcoin’s rally into new all-time highs, the U.S.-based payments firm appears to be....

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PayPal CEO Dan Schulman confirmed that the payments giant is working on launching crypto services in the U.K. If all goes according to plan, this could be as soon as August. “We’re going to launch, hopefully, maybe even next month in the U.K., open up trading there.” The path to adoption is a bumpy one. […]

PayPal To Explore Crypto Withdrawals, Why It’s Bullish For BTC And ETH

2020 was the year of mainstream crypto adoption and PayPal’s service based on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others was an inflection point. The service allows its U.S.-based customer to buy, sell, and hold these cryptocurrencies. Most recently, the payment processor also enabled a crypto checkout service and crypto trading with their subsidiary Venmo. Thus, its […]

PayPal Hosts Packed 'Introduction to Bitcoin' Event

Payments company PayPal, a subsidiary of auction site eBay, hosted a bitcoin event called PayPal TechXploration on 31st July. The 'Town Hall' space at the PayPal offices in San Jose, California, was packed with hundreds of people, many having to stand. The meetup page for the bitcoin event lists over 700 people that had indicated a desire to attend. Part of a regular series held by the company, the event included employees of PayPal and eBay, alongside members of the bitcoin community, and was intended to introduce people to the concepts and technology behind bitcoin. The main speaker on....

Bitcoin blasts through $13K following PayPal’s entrance into crypto

News of PayPal’s support for crypto assets has triggered a rally in the markets, with Bitcoin trading above $13,000 for the first time since July. Bitcoin (BTC) has rallied above $13,000 for the first time since July, and only the third time since the all-time high bull run of late-2017.The move follows the long sustained period of five-figure price action, with BTC having spent nearly the entirety of the past 12 weeks trading above $10,000.Weekly BTC/USD chart: BitcoinWisdomThe spike was triggered by news that the global payments giant PayPal is launching support for Bitcoin, in addition....

Bitcoin officially flippens PayPal

The asset has overtaken the network’s market cap following an announcement that PayPal intends to integrate crypto. Since PayPal announced adding Bitcoin (BTC) to its platform, the asset's market cap has exceeded that of PayPal itself. Ironic?At press time, Bitcoin holds a market cap of $239,877,416,968, just recently surpassing PayPal on AssetDash's list of the largest stocks, ETFs, and crypto assets. Bitcoin now holds the 21st spot on the list, with PayPal right below at $238,578,822,000.Whenever a company, asset, or otherwise overtakes a rival in valuation, the crypto space loosely....