Which Are the Best Cryptocurrencies to Mine?

Which Are the Best Cryptocurrencies to Mine?

The mining of cryptocurrencies can be a lucrative venture, depending on which consensus algorithm the ecosystems use. Finding the right cryptocurrency to mine can be a lot more complex than people assume. Comparing the different options is essential for anyone interested in exploring these options. Traditional Mining Remains Expensive Whereas most people would think of […]

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Don't Worry, Hackers Will Never Use Your Smart Toaster to Mine Bitcoin

The IBTimes recently ran a story informing readers that "Hackers could be targeting toasters to mine bitcoins, expert warns." Speaking to the annual Slush startup conference in Helsinki, Finland, F-Secure Chief Research Officer Mikko Hypponen stated, factually, that: "Cryptocurrencies are interesting as they open up new opportunities, like mining. Attackers don't target the user but the computer itself. Internet of Things devices can be hacked to mine cryptocurrencies and make money." Last year, Hypponen said similar things in his speech, which generated similar headlines. Why then, a year....

Google Alerts Users About Malicious Actors Using Cloud for Cryptocurrency Mining

Google has warned users about the use of its Google Cloud platform by malicious actors to mine cryptocurrencies. In its latest Cloud Threat Intelligence report titled “Threat Horizons,” which provides users with security insights, the company informed that 86% of the compromised instances on Google Cloud platforms were being used to mine cryptocurrencies. Most of the accounts compromised were secured with weak passwords or with no password at all. Google Cloud Used to Mine Cryptocurrencies Software giant Google is alerting users about malicious actors using....

How to Mine Cryptocurrency on Phone

A smartphone does a lot of things. It lets you play your favorite songs, read your favorite book, play games, watch movies, watch p*rn (oops), click your friends, click yourself, as well as mine cryptocurrencies. To keep this article suitable for kids, I will particular focus on the last point - mining cryptocurrencies - which I believe might have sound cooler than watching p.... only if you are a Big-Bang-Theory-fan. The people who have almost achieved this method are not some big corporate junkies selling Ponzi schemes, but a group of computer science students who were simply trying to....

Taobao, China's eBay, Bans Cryptocurrencies and Mining Hardware

China's version of eBay, dubbed TaoBao, has made a statement today indicating they plan to ban sales of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and the any hardware used to mine them. The service cites recent developments in China's legal landscape surrounding bitcoin, and Taobao expresses its desire to remain in compliance with the rules set forth by the People's Republic of China. Banned sales items include: bitcoin, litecoin, quarkcoin, PPCoinm, namecoin, and just about any other digital currency you can think of. Of relation, any hardware and/or software used to mine bitcoin or other digital....

SpaceMine (MINE) Is Now Available for Trading on LBank Exchange

INTERNET CITY, DUBAI, Jun. 24, 2022 – LBank Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform, has listed SpaceMine (MINE) on June 24, 2022. For all users of LBank Exchange, the MINE/USDT trading pair is now officially available for trading. With a variety of features including NFT and Play-to-Earn, SpaceMine (MINE) creates a solar system planets […]