AI And Blockchain Fusion: Unmasking The 3 Game-Changing Projects Of 2024

AI And Blockchain Fusion: Unmasking The 3 Game-Changing Projects Of 2024

An important paradigm shift has occurred in the cryptocurrency environment as a result of the convergence of AI and blockchain technology, which has given birth to a group of influential pioneering AI blockchain projects. Emerging from the price spike in various AI-related cryptocurrencies, the cryptocurrency universe is currently experiencing quite a commotion, following the recent […]

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Bitcoin trading among fields covered by start-ups selected by Fusion

Fusion has announced its selection of the first ten FinTech startups. This is Fusion's first FinTech accelerator program in Geneva, Switzerland, and the program has seen the participation of several start-ups coming from seven different countries. The project claims that it aspires to bring together a large group of stakeholders. For now, the project covers the following sectors: Payment. Big Data / Information. Crowd-Funding / Lending. Trading. (Digital) Banking. Personal Finance Management. Bitcoin / Blockchain. Wealth Management. Created by Polytech Ventures, Fusion was launched in the....

This Token Just Gave Out Free NFTs To Its Holders?

NFTs are taking over the tech space, with all the news related to these game-changing elements of the blockchain universe constantly making headlines. And now, NFT Token, a new player, is giving others a run for their money by changing the game further. Launched only two weeks ago, this brand new NFT player is betting on […]

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NFTs are all the rage today. Among their multiple use cases, NFTs in games are one of the most popular utilities. Various industries, including games, music, sports, and more, are using NFTs for a wide range of purposes. NFTs can potentially change how users interact with each other within or outside the gaming world. Let’s find out how the top projects in the blockchain industry are leveraging NFTs and more about the Nine Chronicles NFT project. How is the Gaming Industry using NFTs? Game NFTs have multiple use cases. For one, they help ascertain ownership of in-game assets. This....

Blockchain Game Mecha Morphing Completes Private Round of Financing

Mecha Morphing has completed its private round of financing led by YGG SEA and IVC. More than 20 institutions including SHIMA Capital, Innovion, AC Capital, and Sfermion participated in the investment. The specific investment amount has not yet been disclosed. Mecha Morphing is a well-crafted fully decentralized high-quality ARPG game. The game is set in a future time. The style is a unique fusion of cyberpunk with mecha wasteland. Coupled with high-quality combat graphics, it will bring players a visual feast. Mecha Morphing is a game that was carefully created by a team with rich....

Russia To Roll Out Its Own Digital Ruble In 2024 – In Time For Elections

Russia moves forward with its plans to create its own digital ruble by 2024. Recently, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (CBR) released a draft proposal outlining the primary monetary policy parameters for the next three years. The anticipated launching in 2024 would take place in a significant year for the country as it […]