Stretched thin? Wrapped Bitcoin assets may encourage supply crisis

Stretched thin? Wrapped Bitcoin assets may encourage supply crisis

WBTC, BTCB, and other wrapped Bitcoin implementations may contribute to a BTC supply shortage looming on the horizon In a blog post of Friday, Binance re-introduced BTCB to the world — a wrapped Bitcoin asset intended to bring liquidity from the world's largest cryptocurrency, BTC, to Binance Smart Chain's DeFi (decentralized finance) ecosystem. However, hodlers may be cheering the renewed interest in BTCB for a different reason: each Bitcoin locked on BSC may contribute to a looming BTC supply crisis. First announced last year, Binance initially saw wrapped Bitcoin solely as a vehicle for....

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Next Looming Financial Crisis Is A Potential Boost for Bitcoin

Back in January of 2016, a warning was issued how the world should brace for the impact of a new financial crisis. Given the recent financial crisis, the question becomes whether or not there are any signs of recovery, or if things are worse for the wear. Depending on which country one resides in, there might be a slight improvement although a large part of the world is still working towards stabilization. If a new financial crisis were to take place tomorrow, things could get kind of interesting for Bitcoin to say the least. Despite what financial experts may want the general public to....

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Bitcoin and the rest of crypto have been experiencing a strong uptrend since Black Thursday when markets nuked globally and no assets were safe from the carnage. And while a flip into a downtrend isn’t yet confirmed, a break in market structure at the very least puts the uptrend on thin ice. BTCUSD Break In […]

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Whether a coin has a maximum supply (like Bitcoin’s 21 million) or is infinitely inflationary (like Ethereum) has significant effects on that coin’s usage. For example, people tend to save that which is limited in supply, and that they tend to spend that which is inflationary in supply. So which side of the tracks does up-and-coming cryptocurrency Dash fall on? This video explains Dash’s coin emission rate in detail: The reason currencies that are limited in supply encourage savings (potential investment) in the long-run is that — should demand for said currency either remain the same or....