Crucial Bitcoin Signal That Formed Prior to $2,000 Crash Returns

Crucial Bitcoin Signal That Formed Prior to $2,000 Crash Returns

Bitcoin has undergone a strong rally over the past 10 days, moving from $10,400 to a high near $11,750. As of this article’s writing, the coin trades for $11,400, far above those lows but still below those highs. While some see this price action as consolidation before another thrust higher, Bitcoin has formed a strong […]

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Bitcoin has been in a strong rally since the March lows. The coin moved from $3,500 at those lows to around $12,500 at the local highs. Unfortunately for bulls, a crucial sell signal is on the verge of appearing that may mark a medium-term top for Bitcoin. The indicator last formed just prior to the March capitulation crash. Bitcoin Could Soon Undergo Retracement: Trend Indicator Shows Bitcoin has undergone a strong rally since the March […]

Bitcoin to Soon Form Signal Last Seen Prior to 2,000% Rally in 2017

Bitcoin has undergone a strong rally over the past few months. From the March lows, the cryptocurrency has gained over 200%, rallying from $3,500 to $11,700 now. While already impressive, the coin is about to form a pivotal buying signal that may suggest more upside is likely. The signal in question last formed when the […]

When This Signal Flashed in 2017, Bitcoin Gained 1,500%. It’s Back Again

Bitcoin has flatlined over recent weeks, entering a trading range between $10,000 and $11,000. On a macro basis, not all analysts are convinced that BTC is in a full-blown bull market. There are a number of resistances above Bitcoin’s current price that could mark highs of a medium-term rally. Despite this, there are crucial on-chain indicators suggesting that the cryptocurrency has room to move higher. One such indicator, which formed in 2017 prior to a […]

Crucial Bitcoin Buy Signal Last Seen at End of July Just Appeared

Bitcoin has embarked on a strong rally over the past few days that has brought from the $9,800 lows to $11,500. This is an over 15% rally that has brought the coin above crucial technical levels. Analysis predicts that Bitcoin is set to continue its surge to the upside. The analysis shows an imminent reversal in the one-day MACD, coupled with Bitcoin moving above a critical moving average. Critical Bitcoin Buy Signal Is About to […]

Bitcoin is the Ideal Portfolio Asset

Bitcoin truly is a new asset class that investors should take seriously, not just because of the extraordinary returns thus far, but because of its correlation to everything else. It’s All About the Correlation. The holy grail of portfolio management is to find an asset with a positive expected return that isn’t correlated to anything else. You want....