Bitcoin On the Cusp of Facing Another Wave of Intense Selling: Analyst

Bitcoin On the Cusp of Facing Another Wave of Intense Selling: Analyst

Bitcoin has faced some intense selling pressure throughout the past 48 hours, with bears stepping up and trying to reverse the cryptocurrency’s recent strength They have been continuously targeting $30,000, with the crypto tapping this level on a few occasions before rocketing higher Its rally has so far been somewhat weak, and reversed nearly the instant that the crypto moved past $36,000 This is a grave sign that points to some underlying weakness amongst bulls […]

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Pattern Shows Ethereum Could Be Ready to Surge Despite Pullback

Ethereum could be on the cusp of seeing a strong push higher in the near-term despite its recent weakness. Over the past 24-hours, the cryptocurrency has seen some intense weakness, with the lack of intense buying pressure at $400 opening the gates for intense downside after Bitcoin saw a sharp selloff. ETH is now showing […]

These Key Factors All Point to an Imminent Bitcoin Rally: Analyst Claims

It has been a turbulent past day for the crypto markets, with Ethereum and most other major digital assets all seeing intense selloffs yesterday Bitcoin was able to avoid seeing any intense decline, with buyers ardently defending its price from breaking below $23,000 The buying pressure here has proven to be quite intense and may continue bolstering its price action for the days and weeks to come One analyst is also noting that its mid-term […]

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Bitcoin has faced some intense selling pressure following its recent rally past $24,000, but bulls were able to thwart it from seeing any intense selloff as its price navigates back up to this key level. BTC’s continued reaction to this level should provide buyers with some serious insights into where it may trend next. A […]

Ethereum Maintains Bullish Market Structure Despite Selloff; Rebound Imminent?

Ethereum has seen an intense selloff ever since its price reached highs of $1,450 just a few days ago The selling pressure here was rather intense and came about right as BTC started reversing its uptrend This caused the aggregated market to see some intense selling pressure that has yet to alleviate The crypto is […]