Bear Market Things: GPUs Become Cheaper As Crypto Market Crashes

Bear Market Things: GPUs Become Cheaper As Crypto Market Crashes

The crypto market has lost almost 50% of its total market capitalization in 2022. The sector experienced a two-year bull run which has come to a halt leading to unexpected implications across other industries. Related Reading | Bitcoin Blockchain Begins To Awaken From Death Spiral According to a report from mainstream media website Motherboard, the crypto […]

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Meme Coins Bear The Brunt As Crashes Rock The Crypto Market

Meme coins marked some of the most prominent growth during the rise of the crypto market in 2021. ROI on investments in digital assets like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu was off the charts when they went from obscurity to being some of the most popular cryptocurrencies. On the flip side of this, meme coins have […]

Analyst Puts Bitcoin Bottom At $50,000, Here’s Why

With bitcoin rallying, all the focus has been on predicting where the price of the asset will be by the end of the year. The digital asset is undoubtedly going to enter a period where various crashes will send the price down, popularly known as a bear market. Not a lot of attention has been paid to where the price of the asset might bottom out when the market inevitably goes into another bear market. This usually long stretch of low momentum has seen bitcoin lose 94%, 87%, and 84% of its peak value respectively in the last three bear markets. One recurring theme of the bear markets has....

Where To Stake Your Crypto During a Bear Market?

Under normal circumstances, it’s harder to make money during a bear market than in a bull run, unless one wants to explore derivatives and leveraged trading. That situation is a bit different in the cryptocurrency world. Current market conditions are an excellent time to explore staking opportunities for one’s crypto assets. Bear Markets Are An […]

Cardano Founder Says Yes, This Is A Bear Market

The crypto market has taken a beating recently and Cardano has been one of the worst-hit digital assets. This has sparked fear across the market where investors are lamenting that the crypto space is finally headed into another bull market. Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson has taken to addressing these bear market concerns, or rather, confirming […]