Demystifying the business imperatives of the Metaverse

Demystifying the business imperatives of the Metaverse

What financial services mean in the Metaverse: A closer look into the process of monetization in the Metaverse — the categories of business “of” and business “in” models. In a previous article, I discussed the evolution of Web3 economies and current volatility, focusing on the participatory nature of Web3, which is the foundational technology enabling the creator economy. The term “metaverse” — meta and universe — often describes the anticipated future iteration or evolution of the internet powered by Web3 technologies like blockchain and decentralized resource distribution and consumption....

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In the Economy 3.0, metaverses will create jobs for millions

Metaverse job opportunities will likely exceed our expectations, with many keeping the same job even after the transition to virtual space. Job creation is traditionally engineered by politicians desperate to get the country back to work and to be seen as stimulating the economy. From the job creation programs of the Great Depression to United States President Barack Obama’s American Jobs Act, employment schemes have a long, checkered history. Today, fostering meaningful employment for the masses remains as popular as ever with policymakers, and yet, the next great job creation scheme is....

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The Metaverse Offers Virtual Reality But Real Profits

Virtual reality has been around for years, but the concept’s maturity means multiple metaverse fights for supremacy. In addition, a new World Wide Web is emerging where everything can virtually be. So, how are people trying to make money in the metaverse? Metaverse Virtual Galleries The most common business model in the metaverse is the […]

Ariva Wonderland Offers Experiences That Will Redefine The Metaverse

Ariva Wonderland is set to begin alpha testing of its metaverse game. The metaverse focuses on the travel universe, providing users with novel experiences. It differentiates itself from other metaverse projects by offering users a complete second life. It features travel, interaction, business, earning, ownership, time travel, and more. The team has completed the first […]

Metaverse Alliance Launches Metathon for Devs and Degens With $50 Million in ...

PRESS RELEASE. Metaverse Alliance has announced the launch of its online Metaverse Hackathon (Metathon) for all metaverse enthusiasts around the world. The Metaverse Alliance team believes that the metaverse will create long-term value in the future and that both real and virtual worlds will exist in parallel with little boundaries. Metathon comes from the portmanteau of metaverse and hackathon. It is seeking to create a viable platform for great and amazing developers who have the imagination and vision of the metaverse. The metathon is for those who believe that many protocols and Web 3....