Analytics Firm: Bitcoin’s Correlation to S&P 500 is “Concerningly High”

Analytics Firm: Bitcoin’s Correlation to S&P 500 is “Concerningly High”

Bitcoin has been moving in close tandem with the stock market throughout the past few days and weeks, which has slowed its growth and caused it to see some turbulence. The stock market is currently in a consolidation trend as investors await progress on a second round of federal stimulus. It remains unclear as to […]

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Bitcoin is the Ideal Portfolio Asset

Bitcoin truly is a new asset class that investors should take seriously, not just because of the extraordinary returns thus far, but because of its correlation to everything else. It’s All About the Correlation. The holy grail of portfolio management is to find an asset with a positive expected return that isn’t correlated to anything else. You want....

Bitcoin Price Can Climb Far Above Clif High’s Estimate of $13,000: Factors & Trends

Clif High’s estimation that three ounces of gold would be equal to a Bitcoin in price by this time next year remains a bizarre proposition that is not impossible to achieve. In a way, a predicted Bitcoin price rise from a meager $1180 to more than $13,000 seems attractive and the technicality of how that would be the case defies common understanding of the law of demand and supply. It could be a repeat of the 1979/1980 scenario. This link to a historical event particularly fits in with the fact that High’s data sets have been proven accurate in other instances and his latest estimate show....

Bitcoin decouples from legacy markets as ‘breathtaking’ rally predicted

Kraken has identified a decreasing correlation between Bitcoin and the legacy financial markets. A report published by major U.S.-based crypto exchange Kraken has identified signs the correlation between Bitcoin (BTC), the greenback, and legacy markets, is continuin to weaken.Kraken’s September volatility report found Bitcoin (BTC) largely maintaining a negative correlation with the U.S. Dollar Index (DXY) since May, despite a brief coalescence between the two markets in early September. Bitcoin's 30-day rolling correlation with U.S Dollar Index: KrakenThe report attributes BTC’s dollar....

DeFi Angels, VC Firms Back $2M Round for Data Provider Dune Analytics

Ethereum data firm Dune Analytics, which has stood out from the pack for its focus on DeFi projects, has raised a $2 million seed round.

Bitcoin Shatters Its Correlation to Gold as It Tanks Alongside Equities

Bitcoin’s price has been facing immense sell-side pressure throughout the past couple of days This has mainly resulted from the revelation of multiple bear-favoring news events These events – including the BitMEX imbroglio and President Trump’s health – have led many analysts to expect it to see significantly further downside in the days and weeks ahead They have also caused Bitcoin to break its former correlation with gold and begin, once again, moving in sync […]