Ethereum Miners Made Eight Times More Fees Than Bitcoin Miners in September

Ethereum Miners Made Eight Times More Fees Than Bitcoin Miners in September

Ethereum has seen immense congestion as of late due to an influx of transaction demand. The transaction demand stems from the rise of decentralized finance applications, which take up a large amount of block space. ETH miners have collected so many fees that data shows that they made eight times more than Bitcoin miners in transaction fees over September. Proponents of Ethereum say that this is a positive sign for the cryptocurrency, as it may […]

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Ethereum miners made 450K ETH from high network fees during DeFi peak

On-chain data shows Ethereum miners saw a 39% surge in revenue as fees soared during the DeFi craze. Ether (ETH) miner revenue skyrocketed during the month of September according to data from glassnode, an onchain analytics resource. While the price of Ether did not rise significantly during this time, miners on the Ethereum network saw their revenue increase due to high fees. Miners took home 450,089 ETH in fees ($168.7 million) and this represents a 39% increase over last month in which miners made roughly $113 million in fees. During the same period, Bitcoin miner revenue from fees not....

Blocksize Must Be Capped Says Princeton Study

A recent Princeton University study finds that a cap on max block size is necessary in a situation where mining rewards are entirely made of transaction fees. Miles Carlsten with Arvind Narayanan acting as advisor have assumed that ‘miners have the capability of claiming all possible transactions available in their next block.’ Based on the game theory analysis and simulations the study concludes that orphaned blocks would increase substantially as miners aggressively fork each other. Miner strategies. Describing a ‘petty compliant miner strategy,’ the simulation suggests that if a miner....

Bitcoin Miners Saw 11% Revenue Drop in September

Miners generated an estimated $328 million in September.

Ethereum Transaction Fees Fall 82%, as Defi Hype Eases

The average cost of sending a transaction over the Ethereum blockchain has fallen by 82% from a September 2 peak of $11.61, down to $2.09 as of October 4. The decline may be the result of a slow down in the hype around decentralized finance (defi) protocols. According to data from Glassnode, ethereum (ETH) miners have also seen a corresponding sharp drop in total earnings from fees over the past three weeks. On Sept. 17, miners raked in 42,763 ETH, or $14.97 million, in fees, but that tanked to just 5,898 ETH, or $2.06 million, as of Sunday. As a percentage of miners’ total revenue,....

ETH hash rate hits all time high, mining it is 3X more profitable than BTC

The Ethereum hash rate broke the 250 TH/s barrier for the first time since Aug. 2018 The amount of computing power on the Ethereum network is currently at an all time high following weeks of volatility in key metrics on the blockchain.According to data from on-chain analytics provider Glassnode, the Ethereum hash rate hit an all time high of more than 250 terahashes per second (TH/s) on Oct. 6, marking an 80% rise since January. Glassnode reported that a surge in the hype surrounding DeFi projects this year sparking higher gas fees may have contributed to the metric reaching an all time....