Institutional Buyers May Be Defending Bitcoin from Breaking Below $30,000

Institutional Buyers May Be Defending Bitcoin from Breaking Below $30,000

Bitcoin has seen a strong rebound today, with bulls defending against a deeper selloff as the crypto neared the lower-$30,000 region overnight Where the entire market heads in the short-term will undoubtedly depend on BTC and its continued reaction to its key near-term support So far, the buying pressure seen between $30,000 and $33,000 has been promising and could indicate that further upside is imminent One on-chain analyst is also noting that this happens to […]

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These Key Factors All Point to an Imminent Bitcoin Rally: Analyst Claims

It has been a turbulent past day for the crypto markets, with Ethereum and most other major digital assets all seeing intense selloffs yesterday Bitcoin was able to avoid seeing any intense decline, with buyers ardently defending its price from breaking below $23,000 The buying pressure here has proven to be quite intense and may continue bolstering its price action for the days and weeks to come One analyst is also noting that its mid-term […]

Ethereum Bulls Defend Key Support as Market Retraces; What to Watch For

Ethereum has been caught in a wild bout of turbulence these past few days, primarily because of its recent breakout rally that allowed it to gain serious ground against Bitcoin The cryptocurrency has been able to flip the crucial $1,000 level into support, and bulls are in the process of defending it presently It is imperative that bulls can continue defending this level in the near-term, as any dip below it could lead to a […]

‘Shorts will be dead’ — Why Dan Tapiero expects a massive Bitcoin shortage

Dan Tapiero believes Bitcoin could face a supply shortage if institutional demand for BTC continues to increase. In recent months, there has been a considerable spike in institutional demand for Bitcoin (BTC) following several high profile investments. Over time, asset manager and 10T Holdings co-founder Dan Tapiero believes this could lead to a problematic shortage in BTC.Alongside investments from Square, MicroStrategy and Stone Ridge, Bitcoin inflows to Grayscale Bitcoin Trust have surged.Based on the rapid growth of institutional investments, Tapiero warns that short-sellers could see....

Crypto Funds Have Seen Record Investment Inflow in Recent Weeks

In the last month, weekly inflows to cryptocurrency funds from institutional investors have been breaking records, according to data reported by Reuters.

Bitcoin Price Holding At $450

Bitcoin price re-attempted $450 (Bitstamp) and 2900 CNY (BTCC) earlier today. Bitcoin price remains around $450 (Bitstamp) and 2900 CNY after advance halted at these levels yesterday. Most traders, myself included, expected price to rally parabolically toward $500 after breaking above long-term resistance at $430. Yet, here we see the market grapple with a resistance layer from which it could potentially reverse. The current advance is happening on low volume and therefore with little institutional participation. During the past few months the market has made upward moves during times of....