Bitcoin Retail Investors Confident About $50,000-Price Bottom

Bitcoin Retail Investors Confident About $50,000-Price Bottom

Bitcoin fell from about $60,000 to nearly $50,000 this week, but it has not deviated retail interest, according to Robbie Liu of OKEx. The investment analyst cited renewed buying activity near the $50,000 level among retail investors, confirmed by the rising long/short ratio and the rising USDT premium in the Asian market. The long/short ratio […]

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The long-term direction of the trend is being decided at the current level. The bulls are at the bottom limit of the flat, so the growth of Ether’s price can continue up to $13 - 14. ETH/USD. As we have predicted a week earlier, there was a rebound from the bottom limit of the long-term sideway movement, and Ether’s price has stopped at a key medium-term level of $8.3. The price has previously dropped right before this. At that moment big sellers have taken advantage of the situation and sold a large volume close to $7. After that, they started buying it back at $6. The fact that there was....

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