AllianceBlock brings DeFi product suite to Avalanche

AllianceBlock brings DeFi product suite to Avalanche

“In becoming a key player in the Avalanche ecosystem, we will help drive our common goals, bringing the DeFi industry to new heights,” says AllianceBlock founder and CEO Rachid Ajaja. AllianceBlock, a decentralized layer-2 solution bridging traditional finance and DeFi, has announced major product integration with Avalanche, the up-and-coming “Internet of Finance” protocol. Once completed, the product integration will allow users to access AllianceBlock’s DeFi Investment Terminal, P2P financial services, nonfungible token capabilities and KYC solutions directly on Avalanche. The....

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Emin Gün Sirer’s $42 million blockchain for DeFi scaling has launched

The platform's native asset began trading OKEx, Binance, and elsewhere shortly thereafter. Avalanche, a blockchain offering scalability to the world of decentralized finance took its mainnet live on Sept. 21. "From Snowflake to Avalanche, the decentralized platform has come a long way, and its journey has only just begun," Ava Labs said in a Sept. 21 statement on the mainnet launch.Ava Labs is the entity responsible for building the Avalanche blockchain and project. Emin Gün Sirer, ranked 52nd on Cointelegraph's list of the top 100 people in crypto and blockchain, serves as Ava Labs' CEO.....

Dismantling Avalanche Is The First Step In The War Against Global Fraud Rings

Do not be mistaken in thinking this global fraud ring was decentralized by any means. Global fraud rings are nothing new under the sun these days. With the rise of deep web activity, criminals have created platforms to communicate and collaborate on a global scale. Avalanche, one of the largest global fraud rings in the world, has now been dismantled. This is a major boon for law enforcement agencies, although the threat is far from over. The Avalanche global fraud ring has been a thorn in the side of police officials for quite some time now. This project serves as a distributed cloud....

How Avalanche’s bridge to ETH and BTC could take over DeFi

Conceived as a blockchain ecosystem to launch DeFi and DApss and supported by a 3rd generation consensus protocol, Avalanche has recorded one of its best weeks since its launch. The fundamentals of its native token AVEX remain strong and as it gains more attention in the crypto space, it looks poised for another rally. Ava […]

BENQI Closes $6M Round to Create Algorithmic Liquidity Market on Avalanche

PRESS RELEASE. BENQI, a liquidity market operating on the Avalanche network, has completed a private funding round. A total of $6 million was raised in a round led by Ascensive Assets. A number of leading investors on blockchain and the emerging Avalanche ecosystem also participated. These include Mechanism Capital, Dragonfly Capital, Arrington XRP Capital and The Spartan Group. Other backers were Morningstar Ventures, Vendetta Capital, TRGC, Genesis Block, Woodstock and Rarestone alongside Ava Labs and leading liquidity provider Skynet Trading. Built on Avalanche’s highly scalable....

DeFi Grows to an Avalanche with Zero Exchange

Decentralized Exchanges have had an interesting and brief history. EtherDelta, Uniswap, 1inch, SushiSwap and now Zero Exchange. And this DeFi wave keeps growing, EtherDelta at its peak had 241 different tokens being traded, Uniswap has a $5B market cap, and after 4 weeks since announcing, Zero Exchange has already attracted over $60M in volume and […]