Prominent DeFi Coin Pickle Finance Plunges 50% in Wake of Attack

Prominent DeFi Coin Pickle Finance Plunges 50% in Wake of Attack

Holders of Pickle Finance’s native coin PICKLE are currently suffering from a 50% drawdown after the protocol was attacked by an unknown user. Details are still unclear about the attack but the loss of funds has resulted in users pulling their liquidity and selling the cryptocurrency en-masse. PICKLE is down to $11.50 as of this […]

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Decentralized finance (defi) protocol Pickle Finance was hacked for $19.7 million of the stablecoin DAI over the weekend, as the defi industry appears to be turning into a hackers paradise. Pickle’s native token (PICKLE) plunged 62% on the news, falling from $23.27 to $8.70 when the hack was first reported on Nov. 21. At the time of writing, the token has since rebound 29% in 24 hours to $18.51, according to Coingecko data. This is the fourth hack to hit the defi space in just two weeks. Akropolis, Value Defi and Origin protocol were exploited for a combined total of $15.7 million in....

DeFi Protocol Pickle Finance Token Loses Almost Half Its Value After $19.7M Hack

Popular decentralized finance protocol Pickle Finance was hacked on Saturday.

Yearning for Pickle? Two DeFi Protocols Merge

Pickle Finance was recently hit by an exploit in which $19.7 million in DAI was lost.

$pickle in a pickle as attacker swipes $20 million in “evil jar” exploit

The perils of decentralized finance in the spotlight yet again after the latest major DeFi exploit In yet another attack on a major decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, farming project Pickle Finance has been exploited today to the tune of $20 million. The attack transpired roughly two hours ago, and ETH-savvy Twitter users were quick to notice that pickle’s cDAI jar — Pickle’s term for a yield-bearing vault — had been emptied:I think @picklefinance's cDAI jar just got attacked and drained.— mattyb (@mattybchats) November 21,....

Yearn Finance absorbs Pickle to boost DeFi rewards

DeFi protocol Yearn has taken Pickle onboard to create new vaults and strategies. Decentralized finance protocol Yearn has announced a partnership with Pickle Finance to bolster yield farming incentives, and compensate victims of the recent Pickle exploit that resulted in the loss of almost $20 million in Dai.According to an announcement from Yearn founder Andre Cronje, the move is designed to reduce duplicate work, increase specialization, and leverage shared expertise. Pickle Finance vaults, or ‘Pickle Jars’ as they’re known, are cloned versions of Yearn’s v1 yVaults so the code is....