How NFTs, DeFi and Web 3.0 are intertwined

How NFTs, DeFi and Web 3.0 are intertwined

Explosive growth in asset tokenization and NFTs is fueling Web 3.0 growth, and testing DeFi resolve. While blockchain itself provides the technology constructs to facilitate exchange, ownership and trust in the network, it is in the digitization of value elements where asset tokenization is essential. Tokenization is the process of converting the assets and rights to a property into a digital representation, or token, on a blockchain network. Distinguishing between cryptocurrency and tokenized assets is important in understanding exchange vehicles, valuation models and fungibility across....

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They say the bigger they come, the harder they fall, and DeFi sure fell hard during this market dip. With that, NFTs have suddenly become the next big thing. NFTs are unique tokens that are not interchangeable as a result of their distinctive characteristics. As “one-offs,” the idea of investing in NFTs is gaining ground. […]

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DeFi keeps chugging along while everyone is focused on NFTs Finance Redefined is Cointelegraph's DeFi-centric newsletter contextualizing major events in the previous week. Subscribers receive a copy every Wednesday.Editor's NoteThis is one of those weeks where it’s hard to find a central topic for this newsletter. There weren’t any big scandals or releases, more like a slow grind with a few projects launching new features, others announcing their fancy investment round, while every celebrity and their mother keeps dropping NFTs. Snoop Dogg is the latest, I believe?I suppose a fair question....

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NFTs have been gaining traction in the background, but where is the industry headed? Decentralized finance has become the center of attention throughout most of 2020, sparking talk of a renewed alt season, with many believing that mass adoption of DeFi will be coming within the next three to 10 years. Nevertheless, other sectors in the space have also been gaining traction.Nonfungible tokens are a perfect example of this. An NFT is a tokenized version of an asset, digital or otherwise. They are similar to stablecoins, for example, but are used to represent nonfungible assets like artwork,....

NFTs take center stage at ETH Denver 2021

NFTs are a hot topic at this year's virtual ETH Denver, with adoption and DeFi use cases dominating the talks At ETH Denver’s virtual conference, non-fungible tokens have been in the limelight with seven mainstage presentations devoted to utility, adoption, and novel use cases — a sign of growing acceptance for what was once considered a niche or lesser application of blockchain tech.While the seven presentations have been dwarfed by decentralized finance’s 14 (not to mention a dedicated four-hour summit), the stage time comes on the back of a remarkable year for NFTs. Sales numbers have....