The Roads To Hyperbitcoinization

The Roads To Hyperbitcoinization

An examination of data that supports the increasingly discussed monetary replacement of the century — hyperbitcoinization.IntroductionThe widespread adoption of bitcoin is a topic that has raised immense expectations for change to monetary systems, governments, and society in general. Over the years, bitcoiners have fiercely defended their belief that bitcoin represents a superior form of money and expressed a large number of hypotheses about possible pathways to the broader adoption of bitcoin. Over the years, Bitcoiners have fiercely defended their belief that bitcoin represents a....

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A decade to hyperbitcoinization is "most likely," says Kraken executive Dan Held, a forecast echoed by Unchained Capital's Parker Lewis. Bitcoin (BTC) may be just ten years away from seeing mass adoption in an event known as "hyperbitcoinization."That's according to participants of the Bitcoin 2021 Conference in Miami, who on June 4 delivered surprisingly optimistic verdicts on when hyperbitcoinization will come.Bitcoin could be unit of account by 2031Speaking on a panel, Saifedean Ammous, author of "The Bitcoin Standard," Unchained Capital head of business development Parker Lewis and....

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