Bitcoin’s Correlation to the Stock Market Continues to Fall: A Bullish Sign?

Bitcoin’s Correlation to the Stock Market Continues to Fall: A Bullish Sign?

As decentralized digital assets, Bitcoin and the crypto market at large has often been regarded as an isolated bubble or safe haven from the traditional stock market. But as an asset class, cryptos have always been fundamentally tied to equities, closely tracing price levels of major indices. This was clearly displayed in the global stock market crash last March, as Bitcoin plummeted nearly 50% as the S&P 500 and NASDAQ index both suffered 30% losses. […]

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BTC used to be an uncorrelated asset, but that’s no longer the case. What can gold and stocks suggest about the crypto markets? Bitcoin (BTC) is an uncorrelated asset, or so the narrative used to go. For much of Bitcoin’s lifetime, it existed as something of value to a very small group of people. Now, awareness and demand are accelerating rapidly. So, what does this mean for the status of BTC as a supposedly uncorrelated asset? That Bitcoin was an uncorrelated asset isn’t just conjecture — the numbers back it up. According to data compiled by VanEck in early 2021, there was almost no....

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Bitcoin May Break Below $9K on Wall Street Correlation: Stock Analyst

Any attempts from Bitcoin to secure higher price levels may fall short as long as its correlation with the US stocks sustains. So predicts Ronnie Moas, a stock market analyst heading Florida-based research firm Standpoint Research. He said in an early Thursday tweet that Bitcoin might fall by another $400 (or more) in the coming sessions. The expected downside move should come if the Wall Street indexes correct lower by 10-20 percent. “Bitcoin has been […]

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Bitcoin’s price action as of late has been ultra-bullish, with the cryptocurrency setting fresh yearly highs today in the midst of a stock market selloff Its ability to break its close correlation with equities is a positive sign, and could be emblematic of mounting fundamental strength Analysts are now widely noting that upside is imminent in the near-term, with the recent support-resistance flip of $13,200 being a positive technical development One on-chain indicator is also […]