Is This The Perfect Moment To Buy Ethereum? Top Analyst Weighs in

Is This The Perfect Moment To Buy Ethereum? Top Analyst Weighs in

The market has been struck by the bears, but Ethereum (ETH) has managed to maintain side movement in the 24-hour chart. Trading at $2.404,36, ETH moved towards a new all-time high before the crash. Investors looking for a good entry for a long position could benefit from the current dip. Analyst Ben Lilly has been […]

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Crypto Analyst: Ethereum is Not Holder Friendly But Perfect for Traders

Paul aka Paul_btc, a crypto analyst and expert, says Ethereum is not holder friendly but perfect for trade. In fact, his contention is backed by the large quantity of Ether issuance in a day. Building on his assertion, Paul adds: "Let’s take a look at the daily issuance of ETH tokens. It is quite a lot, and it doesn't decrease. So basically to maintain the price of the market there has to be buying those amount of coins daily." Ether as the crypto fuel that powers the distributed application on the Ethereum platform which at the moment essentially has no use, he contends:....

Analyst: 2021 a Perfect Time For Ethereum, Decentralized Exchanges to Boom

The third quarter of 2020 has seen the strong resurgence of decentralized finance (DeFi) on Ethereum. With it, the demand for decentralized exchanges (DEXes) surged, causing Uniswap to briefly overtake Coinbase Pro at one point. Heading into 2021, Ethereum and decentralized exchanges would likely perform even better, quant trader Qiao Wang said. Two Reasons an […]

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Ethereum has seen some lackluster price action throughout the past few days, which comes as Bitcoin leads the crypto market into a consolidation phase The crypto will likely continue seeing some sideways trading until BTC finds some clear directionality The pivotal level for ETH at the moment appears to be $600, as the selling pressure here has proven to be significant in the past Each break above this level has been short-lived and followed by […]

It’s the Moment of Truth for Ethereum as Analyst Eyes Move to New Highs

Ethereum has been rocketing higher throughout the past few days, with its latest round of upside kicking off after the sudden rally from the mid-$700 region to over $1,000 The crypto has now established a solid foothold within the $1,000 region, and bulls confirmed this level as support yesterday This is indicative of its present strength, and its ability to climb today while Bitcoin consolidates has given its BTC pair some strength Where the entire […]

Analyst: Ethereum Likely to Begin Outperforming Bitcoin as Strength Mounts

A trend of underperformance against Bitcoin has plagued Ethereum as of late, which has caused buyers to show signs of capitulation Where the ETH trends in the mid-term should depend largely, if not entirely, on whether or not BTC continues rising in isolations Bitcoin’s massive rise as of late has not done much to boost altcoins, as many are still showing signs of weakness at the moment This weakness has been apparent while looking towards […]