Despite Decline In Bitcoin Price, Market Remains Greedy

Despite Decline In Bitcoin Price, Market Remains Greedy

Data shows that the crypto market has continued to remain greedy, despite the recent downtrend in Bitcoin’s price. The Fear And Greed Index Says The Bitcoin Market Is Still Greedy As per the latest weekly report from Arcane Research, the fear and greed index has been pointing towards greed since almost a month now. The “fear and greed index” is an indicator that shows what the general sentiment is among investors in the Bitcoin market. The metric uses a numeric scale that goes from zero to hundred, with values below fifty signaling a fear sentiment, while values above 50....

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Bitcoin price toys with gravity after a non-committal Fed rates hold. Few large players, who have little perceived need for Bitcoin’s features, have any reason to hold a slumping commodity while stocks push to new highs. The outlook remains the same as yesterday: the 1day and 3day charts are bearish, and we anticipate decline. The 4hr candle chart MACD remains below zero. The proposal is that the market is denying decline with irrational psychology, but without institutional (whale) support. Hence, a sideways corrective pattern is forming until the sell-off below $640 kicks in. $640....

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Bitcoin Price Undecided Below $650

The bitcoin price chart remains in slumping mode and continuing decline is inevitable, yet, interspersed with crosscurrents. Best to sit out until a clear signal becomes evident in the charts. Price is likely to oscillate within the range of the past few days before a definitive signal manifests in the chart. Notice in the 4hr chart, above, that price remains below the 20MA (green). There is little techincal resistance to continuing decline, but we remain cautious of a bullish stampede higher, prior to such decline. It would be plain contrary to say Brexit had nothing to do with the market....