Finance Redefined: Puff, puff, pump on 4/20! April 16-21st

Finance Redefined: Puff, puff, pump on 4/20! April 16-21st

A new generation of crypto investors get taken for a ride as Aave makes some puzzling moves. Loyal Finance Redefined readers:Hi, I’m Andrew. My inestimable colleague Andrey, the previous compiler of this newsletter, is stepping away from Cointelegraph in order to build [REDACTED], leaving me to take over lettering the news. While I’m thrilled he’ll be keeping around the DeFi ecosystem, I’m also infuriated that there’ll be yet another gigabrain trading against me. Also: journalists quitting their jobs to do DeFi stuff. Talk about top signals. While DeFi tokens and ETH prices in particular....

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