Weekly Bitcoin Momentum Cross Bullish For First Time Since March 2021

Weekly Bitcoin Momentum Cross Bullish For First Time Since March 2021

Bitcoin price has been unable to get back to $50,000, but with momentum at its back for the first time on weekly timeframes since March, the top cryptocurrency might blast right on through it. Here’s a closer look at the significant bullish crossover brewing, but also what crypto investors might need to beware of if the market continues to consolidate further. Bitcoin Momentum Indicator Crosses Bullish For First Time Since ATH There is a battle of the words waging on across the crypto community – a fierce debate over if Bitcoin has started another bear market, or if the bull market....

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Bitcoin Weekly Momentum Flips Bullish For First Time In 2022: What This Means

Bitcoin price is back at $48,000 and with the most recent weekly close, momentum has flipped bullish for the very first time this year. With the momentum now behind bulls, what might this mean for the cryptocurrency market in the weeks and months ahead? The MACD And Bullish Weekly Bitcoin Momentum Markets are always seeking equilibrium. When a large move materializes, the same momentum that carried an asset upward, pulls it downward when the trend begins to topple. This makes momentum among the most important factors in determining if and when a trend might change. Related Reading |....

Terra price signal that preceded an 80% LUNA rally is back

LUNA’s price still risks correcting, however, with a weakening RSI and decreasing trading volume. A technical setup that preceded an 80% price rally in the Terra (LUNA) market in August 2021 has appeared again.LUNA paints bullish MACD crossoverThe technical setup involves a so-called “signal line crossover” between LUNA’s weekly MACD line — equal to the difference between the token’s 12-week and 26-week moving averages (MA) — and the nine-week MA called the signal line, plotted above the zero line, as shown in the chart below.LUNA/USD weekly MACD illustration. Source: TradingViewTogether,....

Bitcoin Weekly Momentum Flips Bearish For The First Time Since April

With Bitcoin holding strong above $10,000, the halving in the past, and months of positive price action, it is hard to not be bullish on the first-ever cryptocurrency. However, a momentum measuring tool has flipped bearish for the first time since April 2020 on weekly timeframes, potentially pointing to $10,000 failing to hold and a […]

Crucial Weekly Bitcoin Momentum Indicator Opens Red For First Time Since April

Across crypto Twitter, analysts claim that Bitcoin price just had an extremely bullish close, but a crucial momentum measuring indicator says otherwise. In fact, the tool just flipped bearish for the first time on weekly timeframes since April 2020, right after the Black Thursday rebound and pre-halving rally. Bitcoin Weekly MACD Opens Bearish For First […]

Bitcoin Weekly Rally Imminent?

Bitcoin bulls have staged a much-needed, strong comeback and bears are scampering for cover. Bitcoin is now trading at $292.71, comfortably above the previous resistance zone of $280-285. Investors can expect to see more gains in the cryptocurrency, which looks poised to cross $300 soon, and register a positive weekly close. For long, the Bitcoin market had been consolidating sideways while the underlying mood remained positive. Various momentum and strength indicators, including MACD and RSI, had been indicating bullish bias in the digital currency. Several technical factors also lend....