As Long as Ethereum Holds $350 Range, It’s Set to Double: Analyst

As Long as Ethereum Holds $350 Range, It’s Set to Double: Analyst

Ethereum has undergone a strong drop since the August highs of $490. The coin currently trades for $380, far below the aforementioned highs. Despite the strong correction, analysts are optimistic that the long-term trend remains bullish. One crypto-asset analyst noted that as long as Ethereum holds the $350 region, it could move towards $700 in the long term. The chart suggests that the prices in the vicinity of $350 are of macro importance. Namely, in […]

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Ethereum has undergone a strong surge over recent days that has brought it from the $360 range to highs of $420. Analysts say that it will undergo a macro move higher once it manages to flip $500 into support. Ethereum Set to Break Dramatically Higher Once It Holds $500: Analyst The cryptocurrency is currently positioning to move higher as it holds the $390-400 region. As reported by Bitcoinist previously, analysts say that if the coin […]

Bullish Argument for Ethereum Rapidly Losing Steam as $570 Is Lost

Ethereum is primed to move lower in the days ahead as the cryptocurrency slides below $570 for the first time in many days. ETH is expected to see weakness in the near term as it slides below key technical levels with Bitcoin. One crypto-asset analyst recently shared the chart below, noting that Ethereum is moving below range lows in the $570 region. He thinks that as long as ETH holds below $570, the  bear case […]

Ethereum risks 'double-bust' drop despite ETH price rebounding 30% in two weeks

Ether now retests a critical resistance range for a potential pullback towards $1,800. It took Ethereum's native token Ether (ETH) only two months to recover from a brutal selloff at the beginning of 2022.ETH price breaks out but risks remainETH price reached near $3,350 on March 28 after rallying by over 30% in just two weeks, and by more than 50% when measured from its year-to-date low of around $2,160, established Jan. 24. In doing so, the ETH/USD pair may have also "busted" what earlier appeared to be a bearish continuation setup, called the "symmetrical triangle."ETH/USD daily price....

Why This Trader Will Be Bullish as Long as Bitcoin Holds $17,800

Bitcoin has begun to show signs of weakness after a strong drop last week The coin currently trades for $19,000, below the $19,900 year-to-date highs but above the $18,200 local lows Some think Bitcoin remains in a bull trend as long as it holds the $17,800 region One analyst pointed to this region as a level of key technical importance due to the confluence around that region Bitcoin Must Hold the $17,800 Region Bitcoin has […]

Dogecoin Weekly Analysis - Range Break Near?

Key Highlights. Dogecoin continued to trade in an important range between 60.0 Satoshis and 51.2 Satoshis. Buyers/sellers waiting for a catalyst to ignite swing moves and break the range. In one of the previous week's analyses, we highlighted a double top pattern on the hourly chart of Dogecoin. There was one more attempt to clear the double top resistance around 60.0 Satoshis, but sellers defended it successfully. However, at the same time, 51.2 Satoshis support area also held downsides a couple of times. We need to see how the technical indicators are aligned for a break of range in the....