DeFi Exploits Can’t Be Pinned on Flash Loans, Industry Leaders Say

DeFi Exploits Can’t Be Pinned on Flash Loans, Industry Leaders Say

DeFi’s novel flash loan products aren't to blame for the recent string of exploits, industry leaders say.

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Decentralized finance otherwise known as defi has climbed significantly in value this year, as the total value locked (TVL) in defi today is over $14 billion. Meanwhile, numerous defi platforms are getting attacked with flash loans and there are so many new defi projects, it’s hard to keep track of them all. Moreover, while many defi supporters claim these platforms offer greater privacy, examples now show that most everything can be seen onchain connecting ethereum addresses to identities and companies. Exploits and Flash Loans Are Becoming Commonplace in the Land of Decentralized....

Exploring Flash Loans in DeFi

The dream of every borrower is to get loans without collateral and Flash loans in DeFi allow you to fulfill that dream. If you’ve been denied a loan application for lack of security, you’ll understand the accompanying frustrations. Some of the traditional financial institutions can be hardcore when it comes to loans. But who needs […]

Flash Loans Aren’t the Problem, Centralized Price Oracles Are

Flash loans attacks have received a lot of press attention. But they're not DeFi's biggest vulnerability, says Chainlink's CMO.

The Flash Mint is here: WETH10 turbocharges the flash loan concept

The newest Wrapped Ether has an extensive list of improvements, including the anticipated flash mint feature. A team has released WETH10, the latest iteration of the Wrapped Ether token that allows using Ether (ETH) in a DeFi setting. WETH10 carries a host of useful features, the most notable of which is the flash mint, an evolution of the flash loan concept.Flash loans allow users to borrow the entire liquidity pool of a protocol to use as they see fit, without posting collateral. The only limitation is that the loan must be returned in full within the same transaction, otherwise the loan....

What are flash loans in DeFi?

Flash loans, though relatively new, are quickly rising in popularity. Learn more about these uncollateralized-type loans in crypto in the article below. How can DeFi systems protect themselves from flash loan attacks?A large majority of DeFi hacks are flash loan attacks. Since the technology is new, vulnerabilities are not readily apparent and may require skilled developers to identify. Flash loan attacks can cost DeFi protocols and their users hundreds of millions. As such, safeguards must be put into place to ensure that a protocol is robust and sanitized.Despite being vulnerable to....