Web3 Made Simple

Web3 Made Simple

Web3 technology is here to revolutionize how the current internet works. Web3 achieves this by decentralizing the current framework into various pieces instead of centralized technologies. “Web3” is the name some technologists have given to the idea of an internet service built using decentralized blockchains. Why Web3? The internet is evolving; its influence on us […]

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What the hell is Web3 anyway?

Web3 or Web 3.0 as crypto boomers like to call it is a topical buzzword with only a very vague definition. Everyone agrees it has something to do with a blockchain-based evolution of the internet but, beyond that, what is it really?Yet, the conversation surrounding the meaning and prospects for Web3 has become very fashionable in crypto communities. The term gets thrown about by big corporates trying to muscle in on the space while avoiding the negative connotations of crypto.But, without an agreed-on definition, it cant be properly evaluated.    Crypto influencer Cobie is among those....

Fireblocks introduces Web3 Engine with developer tools to accelerate ecosyste...

This suite of tools is designed for developers to build products and services in the DeFi, GameFi, and NFT spaces. As the world accelerates towards a decentralized future, Fireblocks, a digital assets custody platform, announced the launch of their new Web3 Engine to help foster the development of the Web3 ecosystem.The company announced on Tuesday that the dedicated Web3 engine includes a set of tools for developers to create products and services in decentralized finance (DeFi), GameFi and nonfungible tokens (NFT). Fireblocks has also opened up a world of decentralized apps (DApps),....

Cryptopedia: Learn about Web3 and how it aims to transform internet services

Cointelegraph breaks down Web3 and how it can create a better version of the internet and give back control to the people. In the newest episode of Cryptopedia, Cointelegraph's Jackson DuMont dissects Web3 and gives an insightful overview of how the next generation of the internet works. DuMont discusses the basics of Web3 and how it’s different from its predecessors Web1 and Web2.Web1 was the first version of the internet, which occurred from 1991 to 2003. It involved static and read-only HTML web pages with simple design, and DuMont described Web1 users as only "consumers of content." On....

When Web3 Met the Creator Economy

Web3 shows promise for all industries in some form or another, but what does it have in store for the creator economy? The creator economy is made up of 50 million people creating intellectual assets of all types. The problem is that content creators around the globe are forced to use centralized platforms which dictate […]

Web3 Vs. Crypto: Ex-Google CEO Eric Schmidt Bets Big On Web3 Than Crypto

Eric Schmidt, the former chief executive of Google, recently shared his thoughts on cryptocurrency and Web3. Schmidt states that he has invested “a little bit” of money in cryptocurrencies, but does not specify which ones. However, he believes that the most intriguing aspect of blockchain is not digital assets. It is the Web3’s future. He […]