NFTs as micro-social networks: The path to crypto adoption

NFTs as micro-social networks: The path to crypto adoption

Nonfungible tokens could be a step toward new social interactions, a notion that might not be as far-fetched as it sounds. Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) are evolving from a niche interest to a mainstream conversation. The variety of NFT art — from cuddly to edgy to menacing — is drawing in a new audience of enthusiasts. Beyond the art, NFTs are providing a glimpse into a new layer of social interaction.When framed as micro-social networks, NFTs could lead the way to a new form of social media based on creativity, ownership and contribution. Groups serve as epicenters of NFTs projectsEvery....

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New social network Dawn promises to change the face of social mediafrom individual-centric to pro-group, whilst also maintaining individual interest. Cointelegraph spoke to Brenn Hill, social and UX architect at Dawn, to take a peak of the new radioactivity of the Blockchain. Cointelegraph: Could you explain what Dawn is all about and what makes it different from other social media outlets? Brenn Hill: Dawn is about reinventing social networks in a way that is group-centric and pro-social instead of individual-centric and exploitative. Currently, social networks exist partly to allow you....

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We have the core tech to enable radically more ethical and beneficial social media networks. Here's what we'll need.

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The path for the social applications landscape is clear: Its future will be decentralized, private and secure. Last week’s tumultuous 30% crypto market dip and subsequent quick recovery left many wondering what comes next. Crypto circles aside, the conversation around the importance of building solid, broadly usable applications is louder than ever. Crypto will cease to be perceived as a casino on the edges of the internet when participation outweighs speculation. An interesting dynamic we are seeing is that the conversations around the future of Web 3.0 are still happening on centralized....

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The advent of crypto currencies and its inherent technologies have brought us a new and long string of innovation along with a newborn industry teaming with activity and replenishing of new business opportunities. Crypto currencies and decentralization as its core fabric have enabled the use of sensitive applications with the sole purpose of stretching the boundaries of communication channels thus allowing freedom of speech. On an internet controlled by ISP’s, bombed by a growing and constant surveillance, the concept of privacy is increasingly being taken out and turned into an obsolete....