History Backs Buying The Bitcoin Dip Before Halving, Here’s Why

History Backs Buying The Bitcoin Dip Before Halving, Here’s Why

According to Rekt Capital on X, Bitcoin (BTC), the world’s most valuable crypto by market capitalization, could edge even higher after halting its mining rewards in April 2024. Rekt Capital, a crypto analyst and trader, explains this preview is based primarily on BTC’s historical performance before and after halving mining rewards.  Time To Double Down […]

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Just as Bitcoin’s block reward halved in the past, Litecoin will undergo the same same process on Tuesday, August 25th. In anticipation of the halving, the Litecoin Association says that it is a milestone in the cryptocurrency’s 4-year history. The association also released a video that elaborates the entire process of Litecoin’s halving, informing that after the halving, Litecoin will reward miners with 25 coins rather than 50 coins per block. The video also explains that the halving process happens every four years for both Litecoin and Bitcoin, as dictated by their respective protocols.....

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Bitcoin has had an explosive breakout year as a maturing financial asset,. The cryptocurrency is finally being considered by institutional investors for the first time, during a year that will go down in history for unprecedented money printing.  The asset’s hardcoded digital scarcity is a primary driver of its boom and bust cycles, and in the year following each block reward halving, magic happens. With the new year right around the corner, here’s a look […]

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